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2015-04-16 23:10:47

Anger is an emotion that can be difficult to control.

2013-08-29 23:02:13

ParentMagic Inc is hosting a 90 minute seminar on tantrums in Naperville, IL. Dr.

Childhood Tantrums Possibly Related To Early Mental Issues
2012-08-30 16:07:35

Scientists from Northwestern University recently studied the differences between preschoolers’ typical misbehavior and beginning signs of mental health issues.

2012-02-14 21:50:00

Wouldn’t it be great to feel cool, calm and collected and even loving when faced with a tantrum? And what’s more, what if as a Valentine’s day present to you (and your kids) you could stop

2011-12-05 16:00:52

New research suggests that a child's temper tantrum has a pattern and rhythm to it, which could help parents find ways to respond more effectively.

2009-11-25 15:13:19

The serious behavior problems that can occur in children with autism and related conditions can be reduced with a treatment plan that includes medication combined with a structured training program for parents.

2009-01-05 18:29:29

A British expert says stress brought on by cold weather, returning to work after the holidays and economic woes can be relieved by throwing a tantrum. Judi James, a body language expert and psychologist for the British version of reality TV series Big Brother, said shouting fits can help with stress by relieving tension, The Daily Mail reported Monday. Releasing tension through shouting and screaming is a really beneficial way to expel the negative energies caused by stress, James said.

2008-07-23 06:00:37

ATLANTA, July 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Parents: Do you find yourself surrendering to temper tantrums? Does your toddler say "no" and refuse to do what you ask? Don't know how to chuck the binky and at what age the pacifier's officially considered passe? A new online toddler seminar series by "Moms on Call" pediatric nurses Laura Hunter, LPN, and Jennifer Walker, RN, BSN, aims to address all these issues and more.

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