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Latest Tapir Stories

2008-10-09 09:00:26

the endangered animals Among the mammals particularly in danger are primates, used for bush meat in parts of Africa and facing major loss of habitat in Southeast Asia. The report also notes unusually high threats to tapirs, hippos, bears, pigs and hogs, while among the less threatened are moles, opossums and free-tailed bats. the causes In general, larger mammals were found to be more threatened than smaller ones. Larger species tend to have lower population densities, grow more...

2004-11-27 15:00:10

GRAY, Tenn. - On the site of one of the nation's richest fossil discoveries of ancient rhinos, tapirs and other animals from the Miocene Epoch, a combined museum, research facility and visitors center is going up. East Tennessee State University broke ground Tuesday on the $8 million facility at the Gray Fossil Site - a sinkhole or watering hole that became a cache of fossilized animals and plants from 4 1/ 2 million to 7 million years ago. With the theme "Sharing a Fossil Find with Ages...