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2009-01-03 13:56:34

A 16-year-old Basset hound named Beryl in Tenterden, England, has an unusual best friend, a 4-year-old Tawny owl named Wol, the animals' owner says. Sara Ross said she has been sharing her home with the two animals and witnessing how they have bonded despite their significant differences, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday. They are both rescue animals and they're like best buddies.

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2006-08-17 16:30:44

The Ural Owl (Strix uralensis) is a medium-large nocturnal owl. They have an extended distribution area in Europe and Asia, from Sakhalin, Japan and Korea in the east to Scandinavia in the west. There are up to 15 subspecies found in Europe and northern Asia. The northern populations of the Ural Owl occupy similar habitat to the Great Grey Owl, nesting in lowland forests but avoiding dense areas, especially those of purely conifers. In central Europe it is an upland species, preferring...

2006-08-17 16:28:05

The Barred Owl (Strix varia) is a large owl. Its breeding habitat is dense woods across Canada, the eastern United States and south to Central America. It is known also as eight hooter, rain owl, wood owl and striped owl, but is best known as the hoot owl. It nests in a tree cavity, sometimes holes that have been used by a crow or squirrel. The adult is 17.5 inches long with a 44 inch wingspan. It has a pale face with dark rings around the eyes, a yellow bill and dark eyes. The under parts...

2006-08-17 16:25:07

The Tawny Owl (Strix aluco) is a member of the typical owl family, Strigidae. It is a resident species to much of Europe and southern Russia. It is usually found in deciduous and mixed forests and usually nests in holes in trees. Smaller woodland owls cannot usually co-exist with the stronger Tawny, and are found in different habitats. This is a medium-sized earless owl, 14.5 to 17 inches in length with a 32 to 38 inch wingspan. It is stocky with a large rounded head and rounded wings. It...

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