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2009-10-16 06:00:00

Gourmet tea company expands its reach across the US with leading distributor of gourmet foods MISSISSAUGA, ON, Oct.

2009-09-16 08:30:00

SEBASTOPOL, Calif., Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- As America's fascination with energy, superfoods and exotic ingredients grows, rainforest-grown yerba mate is quickly catching on as the newest organic and innovative beverage sensation to hit the market.

2009-08-22 16:02:53

The right location is a key to business success, experts say, but a teahouse is celebrating its 50th anniversary despite being in the remote Canadian Rockies. One might think convenience and steady walk-up traffic would be important to the survival of a tea shop.

2009-03-27 14:24:37

A study of tea drinkers in Iran suggests drinking very hot beverages may raise the risk of esophageal cancer, the British Medical Journal said. The report said people who drink tea hotter than 158 F were eight times more likely to develop esophageal cancer than those who preferred a cooler temperature,

2009-03-22 13:20:00

The amount of tea imported into the United States is projected to have risen 7 percent last year, as people increasingly turn to green tea for its perceived health benefits, the Tea Association of the USA said Saturday.

2009-03-13 15:54:09

A British researcher says a person's morning coffee or tea really does taste better when served from a favorite mug as part of a ritual. Dr.

2009-01-16 16:24:40

British tea company Twinings said consumers in Britain and the United States are shunning premium blends for cheaper builders' tea. The company said sales of its premium teas have slowed in recent years and dropped in the face of the current economic woes, while sales of the more traditional and less expensive builders' tea have risen, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday. The Telegraph said the rise in popularity of less expensive teas has led some British supermarket chains, including Tesco,...

2009-01-09 14:08:00

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- What really happened when Mo Seigel returned to Celestial Seasonings after selling the company to Kraft? This and other true tales are all part of the fascinating story from local award-winning author Barry W. Cooper.

2008-12-10 15:26:00

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The American Botanical Council (ABC) has officially launched its Adopt-an-Herb program, following Tea Dragon Films'(http://www.themeaningoftea.com) adoption of tea (Camellia sinensis).