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2009-11-16 11:56:00

BURR RIDGE, Ill., Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- A Chicago based IT Security Research company today launched a free website designed to help law enforcement around the world to identify and coordinate cyber crime investigations. Team Cymru's Botnet Analysis and Tactical Tool for Law Enforcement (BATTLE) has been providing police from 31 different countries with information on botnet command and control servers for over a year. The tool was today massively expanded to include phishing sites and...

2009-10-26 10:59:00

BURR RIDGE, Ill., Oct 26 /PRNewswire/ -- A Chicago based not-for-profit today launched a free screensaver designed to give everyone key information regarding cyber crime activity. The Team Cymru RSS screensaver runs on Mac OS X and displays two separate news feeds of important IT Security related stories as well as a rotating globe showing a map of currently infected computers. This map is automatically updated from Team Cymru's global insight every day. The tool is made using the Mac OS...

2009-09-16 10:07:00

BURR RIDGE, Ill., Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Team Cymru, a leading Internet security research company, today announced a renewal of its agreement with Microsoft to deliver malware and phishing intelligence that will continue to enhance Internet Explorer's ability to protect its customers from online threats. Team Cymru's malware analysis, phishing analysis and threat determination capability feeds Microsoft Internet Explorer, the world's most popular browser. "We have worked hard to...

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