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2014-09-25 12:34:28

DALLAS, September 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Global lawful Interception industry is forecast to hit $1,342.4 million by 2019 according to a research report titled Lawful

Government Transparency Report Published By Verizon
2014-07-09 11:37:57

Verizon reaffirmed its commitment to transparency on Tuesday and issued its second company transparency report, which covers the first six months of this year.

ISPs, Parliament Launch Lawsuit Against Britain's GCHQ Over Spying
2014-07-02 10:50:32

In a twist that seems more fitting of a John Grisham courtroom-based drama than a James Bond adventure the British spy community is reportedly being sued by a number of Internet Service Providers as well as members of Parliament.

US Supreme Court Shoots Down Google's Challenge Over Street View Lawsuit
2014-06-30 12:57:26

Google won't get its day in court – at least not the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). The highest court in the land on Monday declined to hear Google Inc.'s lawsuit challenge.

vodafone transparency report
2014-06-06 10:42:08

Vodafone has released a detailed report revealing the scope of government snooping into phone networks, suggesting that authorities in some nations are able to able directly access a network without seeking any permission from the carrier.

2013-11-25 23:25:35

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Google Lawsuit Email Wiretapping Upheld
2013-10-02 08:47:47

A federal judge has refused Google’s request to throw out a lawsuit over charges the company used email to illegally wiretap customers and non-customers alike.

Google Wiretapping Charges Upheld
2013-09-11 10:37:49

A US appeals court has upheld a decision against Google and now claims the search giant must be held responsible for violating wiretapping laws.

Feds Seek To Enforce Internet Wiretaps Using Fines
2013-05-01 12:59:10

According to the Washington Post, a “government task force” is about to propose legislation which would fine Web companies that do not allow law enforcement agencies to 'wiretap' their users.

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