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Photons Teleported 60 Miles By Chinese Researchers
2012-05-13 04:46:18

A team of Chinese physicists have shattered the record for quantum teleportation, teleporting photons approximately six times further than the previous best, according to various news reports published Friday. A team of physicists hailing from the University of Science and Technology of China in Shanghai were able to teleport particles more than 97 kilometers, or over 60 miles, said Popular Science's Dan Nosowitz. That smashes the prior standard of more than 10 miles (16-plus...

2011-07-20 06:00:00

Lee Rannals for RedOrbit.com Science Channel's "Through The Worm Hole" will be airing its new episode "Can We Travel Faster Than Light?" on Wednesday July 20th in classic mind-blowing style. The show, hosted by Morgan Freeman, steps out of the realm of typical television programming and pushes your mind to a new elevation of thought, opening up the portal of curiosity for future endeavors in space travel. Having the pleasant voice of Freeman makes the video offer the feeling of comfort,...

2010-05-11 13:36:00

SILVER SPRING, Md., May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Majestic and mystifying, the universe holds mankind's imagination like nothing else. For thousands of years humans have struggled with and sought answers to its biggest mysteries. Now, exclusively with Academy Award®-winning actor Morgan Freeman, Science Channel is introducing exciting, mind-blowing new ideas about who we are, where we come from and what lies beyond Earth in the provocative, all-new series THROUGH THE WORMHOLE...

2008-07-06 09:00:07

By DOUG JOHNSTONE Precognition may not be possible, but a speculative physicist can predict a future of teleportation and starships Physics of the Impossible By Michio Kaku Allen LanePounds 20 Michio Kaku doesn't know the meaning of the word "impossible". Or rather, to be slightly more accurate, he has redefined the term to enable him realistically to examine and predict the future of science and technologies, from teleportation and time travel to robots and starships. If this sounds...

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