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Southern Sassafras Atherosperma moschatum
2014-02-07 08:18:39

Atherosperma moschatum is an evergreen tree species. The plant comes from the Atherospermataceae Family. A. moschatum may also be commonly referred to as the Southern sassafras or Blackheart sassafras. A. moschatum is a small to medium sized evergreen. It grows anywhere from 20 to 82 feet tall, although it has been known to reach heights exceeding 120 feet. Its bark is a grey to light brown...

2009-07-04 16:31:47

Rain is a type of liquid precipitation. It is defined as condensation of atmospheric water vapor that forms into drops that become heavy enough to fall, and often making it to the surface. Rain is the primary source of most of the fresh water in the world. Rain provides suitable conditions for diverse ecosystems, water for power sources and for crop irrigation. Not all rain reaches the surface....

Palearctic Ecozone
2009-07-01 13:55:01

The Palearctic or Palaearctic is one of Earth's eight ecozones. This region is the largest ecozone on Earth. It includes the regions of Europe, Asia (north of the Himalayan foothills), northern Africa, and the northern and central regions of the Arabian Peninsula. The Palearctic includes mostly boreal forest and temperate climate regions, which are found throughout Eurasia from western Europe...

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