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2013-03-08 12:16:22

Technology will continue to be a leader in the development of quantum computing architectures Recently Science Magazine invited JQI fellow Chris Monroe and Duke Professor Jungsang Kim to speculate on ion trap technology as a scalable option for quantum information processing. The article is highlighted on the cover of this week's issue, which is dedicated to quantum information. The cover portrays a photograph of a surface trap that was fabricated by Sandia National Labs and used to trap...

Quantum-Memory In Atoms
2013-02-28 14:32:19

Vienna University of Technology Order tends towards disorder. This is also true for quantum states. Measurements at the Vienna University of Technology show that in quantum mechanics this transition can be quite different from what we experience in our daily lives. Ice cubes in a cocktail glass melt until an equilibrium state is reached in which the ice cubes are gone. After that, the geometric shape of the ice cubes is completely lost. The liquid does not contain any memory of their...

2013-02-27 23:04:11

American business spends billions on food and beverage preservation in our food service company´s large walk in and drive in refrigerators and freezers. National Energy Technologies a Pennsylvania conservation company has developed a division of its company to bringing conservation to this important equipment and market segment. Philadelphia PA (PRWEB) February 27, 2013 American corporations spend billions annually on food, drink and flower preservation. This value cannot be...

Quantum Dots Used To Generate Electricity From Waste Heat
2013-02-14 14:46:17

University of Rochester A new type of nanoscale engine has been proposed that would use quantum dots to generate electricity from waste heat, potentially making microcircuits more efficient. "The system is really a simple one, which exploits certain properties of quantum dots to harvest heat," Professor Andrew Jordan of the University of Rochester said. "Despite this simplicity, the power it could generate is still larger than any other nanoengine that has been considered until now."...

2013-02-12 23:00:47

Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC (BD&E) has been awarded a $125,000 SBIR contract by NASA to develop a surface temperature mapping system for re-entry vehicle heat shields. The unique system will provide unprecedented temperature accuracy during ground tests. Unlike simple thermal imaging, BD&E´s design uses hyperspectral imaging to greatly increase accuracy. Newton, Massachusetts (PRWEB) February 12, 2013 Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC (BD&E) has been awarded a...

2013-02-11 23:02:05

Alpha Technics Features Ultra High Accuracy t-Pod Temperature Technology at MD&M West in Anaheim, California Irvine, California (PRWEB) February 11, 2013 Alpha Technics is pleased to announce that it will again be an exhibitor at the MD&M West Exposition and Conference taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA on February 12-14, 2013. The t-Pod Precision Temperature Measurement System will be one of our featured products during this event. When matched with our...

New Atomic Gas Goes Below Absolute Zero
2013-01-05 06:05:41

April Flowers for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online People take it for granted in most northern climes the temperatures will drop below zero at some point during the winter. What is normal in nature is impossible in physics: a minus temperature. Minus temperatures are only surprising on the Celsius scale during the summer. On the Kelvin, or absolute temperature scale used by physicists, it is impossible to go below zero. At least, it is impossible to get colder than zero Kelvin....

2013-01-03 05:01:07

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. announces the addition of a blog to its website, to provide its customers with new insights into tools and techniques for low-temperature and magnetics research. Columbus, OH (PRWEB) January 02, 2013 Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. announces the addition of a blog to its website, to provide its customers with new insights into tools and techniques for low-temperature and magnetics research. The Lake Shore website, which today serves as a reference for research...

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