Latest Temple in Jerusalem Stories

2014-01-28 08:27:36

EUGENE, Ore., Jan. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- "Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews." A breakthrough film forecasts a major sea change in Middle East hostilities.

Rare Gold Treasure Found In Jerusalem
2013-09-09 15:31:16

Archaeologists in Jerusalem have announced a “once in a lifetime” discovery at an excavation site located at the foot of Temple Mount on the outskirts of modern day Jerusalem.

Researchers Discover Tenth Century BCE Inscription Near Temple Mount
2013-07-11 08:39:06

A team of researchers has unearthed the earliest alphabetical written text ever found in the city, near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Found with six others at the Ophel excavation site, the inscription is engraved on a large pithos, or neckless ceramic jar.

2012-11-13 12:41:27

Tel Aviv University researchers have uncovered a unique 11th-century BCE sacred compound at the site of Tel Beth-Shemesh, an ancient village that resisted the aggressive expansion of neighboring Philistines.

2,000-Year-Old Clay Seal Found Near Temple In Jerusalem
2011-12-26 12:36:38

Archaeologists said on Sunday they found a rare clay seal under Jerusalem's Old City that is linked to religious practices 2,000 years ago.

2009-07-07 06:50:00

On Monday the Israel Antiquity Authority said that they believed archeologists may have unearthed a stone quarry used by King Herod to build a number of famous structures, including the Jewish Temple and the Western Wall.

2009-05-20 14:20:00

Archaeologists have reported the discovery of an ancient jar handle that dates back nearly 3,000 years.

2009-04-16 13:12:10

Canadian archaeologists say they have discovered a well-preserved monumental temple in Turkey that presents new facts about the so-called Dark Ages. Discovered by the University of Toronto's Tayinat Archaeological Project last summer, scientists said the temple is thought to have been constructed during the time of King Solomon in the 10th or 9th centuries B.C. Researchers said the discovery casts doubt upon the traditional view that the transition from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Iron...

2009-04-16 08:07:17

The discovery of a remarkably well-preserved monumental temple in Turkey — thought to be constructed during the time of King Solomon in the 10th/9th-centuries BC — sheds light on the so-called Dark Age.

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