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2008-06-16 12:30:00

A major initiative to create alternative nesting sites for the largest colony of Caspian terns in the world – and to help protect juvenile salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River – is finding early success.

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2009-04-07 18:51:23

The Brown Noddy or Common Noddy (Anous stolidus) is a species of tropical seabird with a worldwide distribution. It ranges from Hawaii to the Tuamotu Archipelago and Australia in the Pacific Ocean, from the Red Sea to the Seychelles and Australia in the Indian Ocean and in the Caribbean to Tristan da Cunha in the Atlantic Ocean. This species is the largest of the noddies. It can be distinguished easily from the closely related Black Noddy by its larger size and plumage, which is dark...

2006-02-22 13:45:04

The White Tern (Gygis alba) is a small seabird found across the tropical oceans of the world. Often known as the Fairy Tern, this beautiful tern is famous for laying its egg on bare thin branches in a small fork or depression without a nest. They use this balancing act to avoid predation of the eggs as the branches they choose are too small for rats or even small lizards to climb. Safe from predators, but still vulnerable from strong winds, the White Terns are also quick to relay should...

2006-02-22 13:41:03

The Black Noddy is tern whose Latin name, Anous minutus, means "small, stupid bird," supposedly named because these birds would create nests on old sailing ships, where they provided a welcome change in diet for the sailors aboard. It is also called the White-capped Noddy. The nests of these birds are built on a level platform and are usually created in the branches of trees by a series of dried leaves covered with bird droppings. One egg is laid each season and nests are re-used in...

2006-02-22 12:45:18

The Sooty Tern (Sterna fuscata) is a seabird of the tern family Sternidae. It can be found in tropical oceans and it breeds on islands throughout the equatorial zone. This bird is migratory, wintering more widely through the tropical oceans. It prefers more marine habitats compared to most terns. This species is an extremely rare vagrant to Western Europe, although a bird was present at Cemlyn Bay, Wales for 11 days in July 2005. Sooty Terns are social and breed in colonies on rocky or...

2006-02-22 12:33:56

The Bridled Tern (Sterna anaethetus) is a seabird of the tern family Sternidae. It is found in tropical oceans: the Atlantic race breeds in Mexico, the Caribbean and west Africa, and other races around Arabia and in southeast Asia and Australasia. This migratory bird is dispersive and winters more widely through the tropical oceans. It has markedly marine habits compared to most terns. This species is a rare vagrant to Western Europe. This species breeds in colonies on rocky islands...

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