Latest Tether satellite Stories

2007-12-12 08:09:31

A student-built satellite experiment shattered records by deploying the longest space tether ever flown in space, but the missing return capsule remains a mystery to unravel months later. On Sept. 25, hundreds of students worldwide watched remotely as a Russian-built Foton-M3 spacecraft began unwinding a 19.7-mile-long (31.7 km) super-strong space tether no thicker than a string. The experiment's small Fotino capsule dropped from it toward Earth, preparing to release at the right...

2007-11-08 16:00:00

On September 25, students around the world watched with bated breath as their creation, the second Young Engineers Satellite (YES2) experiment, reached its dramatic conclusion. A day before the Foton-M3 spacecraft returned to Earth, a small re-entry capsule, named Fotino, was to be released from the end of a 30 km tether, the longest such structure ever to be deployed in space. However, no signal was ever received from Fotino and its fate has been uncertain ever since. First indications,...

2007-06-13 08:55:00

A Japanese tether of novel construction could unfold new opportunities in space. NASA is joining a Japanese team in a space experiment that uses reverse origami to show the way to help keep satellites in their proper orbits, or to return spent rocket stages quickly to Earth. Les Johnson of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center is working with Prof. Hironori A. Fujii of the Tokyo Metropolitan University on the Foldaway Flat Tether Deployment System--or Fortissimo, as it is sometimes called....

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