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Crop Circles Underwater Made By Tiny Pufferfish
2012-09-25 11:21:52

Freelance underwater photographer Yoji Ookata had spent nearly 50 years making dives and cataloging the intricacies and mysteries of the deep, but he had never seen anything like the discovery he recently swam by.

Snakes Evolve Along Similar Path Of Poison Resistance Say Biologists
2012-03-06 04:57:40

Utah State University biologists have long studied varied species of North American garter snakes that have evolved an amazing resistance to a deadly neurotoxin found in innocuous-looking newts, a favorite food of the snakes.

2011-08-20 08:30:00

Life science reagent supplier Ascent Scientific LLC has assisted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in investigating the case of an Illinois man, charged with plotting to kill his wife.

2010-12-30 12:10:00

Florida marine conservationists have come to the conclusion that the best way to put an end to the lionfish invasion in the state's waters is to eat them.

2008-06-21 15:00:15

Two women, ages 54 and 83, are dead after eating the poisonous puffer fish in Malaysia, a health department official said. Dr.

2007-08-23 03:10:00

Unscrupulous vendors in Thailand have been selling meat of the deadly puffer fish disguised as salmon, causing the deaths of more than 15 people over the past three years, a doctor said Thursday.

Latest Tetraodontidae Reference Libraries

2013-10-18 12:30:37

Tetraodontidae is a family of mostly marine and estuarine fish belonging to the order Tetraodontiformes. The family includes many familiar species which are variously called pufferfish, balloonfish, globefish, toadfish, toadies, puffers, blowfish, swellfish, sugar toads, and sea squab. They are morphologically similar to the closely related porcupinefish, which have large external spines that are only visible when the fish has puffed up. The scientific name is in reference to the four large...

Blackspotted Puffer, Arothron nigropunctatus
2013-10-18 12:24:30

The Blackspotted Puffer (Arothron nigropunctatus) or the Dog-faced Puffer, is a demersal marine fish belonging to the family Tetraodontidae. This species is of small size which achieves lengths of up to 33 centimeters. Its body is oval shaped, spherical and rather elongate. The skin isn’t covered with scales. The fish has no pelvic fin and no lateral line. The dorsal fin and the anal fin are small, symmetric and can be located at the end of the body. The snout is short with two pairs of...

Green Puffer, Tetraodon fluviatilis
2013-10-18 11:01:46

The Green Puffer (Tetraodon fluviatilis) is a species of pufferfish. It can be found in Asia, specifically in waters in and around Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, and the Philippines. Its habitat includes rivers, lakes, and flood plains. It resides in fresh water to slightly brackish water. This species of fish is mostly carnivorous, eating mollusks, invertebrates, crustaceans, and some small fish. While in captivity, it will eat some vegetation and commercial fish food. This green...

Grass Puffer, Takifugu niphobles
2013-10-17 10:56:07

The Grass Puffer (Takifugu niphobles) is a species of fish belonging to the Tetraodontidae family. It can be found in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam. It can often be caught off beaches, docks, and piers utilizing a variety of baits such as worms, shrimp, Sea Lice, or cut fish. They are popular for children to catch and possibly in the aquarium trade, but cannot be consumed due to the fatal tetrodotoxin which can cause heart problems, kidney failure, and a coma that can be mistaken for...

Figure 8 Puffer, Tetraodon biocellatus
2013-10-15 12:40:36

The Figure 8 Puffer (Tetraodon biocellatus) is a pufferfish that can be found in freshwater in Southeast Asia. Its known form the lower reaches of the Mekong, the Peninsular Malaysia, as well as Borneo. These puffer fish achieve a length of about 3.1 inches long. They are colorful with greenish yellow colored patterns featured on their backs. These patterns vary greatly from fish to fish, but the markings on either side of the caudal fin look much like the number 8, or eye-spots. They are...

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