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2013-10-18 12:30:37

Tetraodontidae is a family of mostly marine and estuarine fish belonging to the order Tetraodontiformes. The family includes many familiar species which are variously called pufferfish, balloonfish, globefish, toadfish, toadies, puffers, blowfish, swellfish, sugar toads, and sea squab. They are morphologically similar to the closely related porcupinefish, which have large external spines that...

Blackspotted Puffer Arothron nigropunctatus
2013-10-18 12:24:30

The Blackspotted Puffer (Arothron nigropunctatus) or the Dog-faced Puffer, is a demersal marine fish belonging to the family Tetraodontidae. This species is of small size which achieves lengths of up to 33 centimeters. Its body is oval shaped, spherical and rather elongate. The skin isn’t covered with scales. The fish has no pelvic fin and no lateral line. The dorsal fin and the anal fin...

Green Puffer Tetraodon fluviatilis
2013-10-18 11:01:46

The Green Puffer (Tetraodon fluviatilis) is a species of pufferfish. It can be found in Asia, specifically in waters in and around Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, and the Philippines. Its habitat includes rivers, lakes, and flood plains. It resides in fresh water to slightly brackish water. This species of fish is mostly carnivorous, eating mollusks, invertebrates, crustaceans, and some...

Grass Puffer Takifugu niphobles
2013-10-17 10:56:07

The Grass Puffer (Takifugu niphobles) is a species of fish belonging to the Tetraodontidae family. It can be found in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam. It can often be caught off beaches, docks, and piers utilizing a variety of baits such as worms, shrimp, Sea Lice, or cut fish. They are popular for children to catch and possibly in the aquarium trade, but cannot be consumed due to the...

Figure 8 Puffer Tetraodon biocellatus
2013-10-15 12:40:36

The Figure 8 Puffer (Tetraodon biocellatus) is a pufferfish that can be found in freshwater in Southeast Asia. Its known form the lower reaches of the Mekong, the Peninsular Malaysia, as well as Borneo. These puffer fish achieve a length of about 3.1 inches long. They are colorful with greenish yellow colored patterns featured on their backs. These patterns vary greatly from fish to fish,...

Nile Puffer Tetraodon lineatus
2013-02-18 09:52:03

Image Credit: Earedien/Wikipedia The Nile puffer is also known as the fahaka pufferfish, globe fish, or lineatus puffer. It is a tropical freshwater puffer found in the river basins of Africa, mainly in the Nile and surrounding rivers. The fish will live in weed beds, and in any other vegetation-rich habitat. It can also be found in open water. If kept as a pet it is best to keep it...

Narrow-Lined Puffer Arothron manilensis
2013-02-17 08:48:04

Image Caption: Narrow-lined puffer image taken by NOAA in Guam, Mariana Islands. Credit: David Burdick (NOAA)/Wikipedia The narrow-lined puffer is native to the western pacific in shallow lagoons and estuaries with a muddy or sandy sea floor at depths up to 60 feet. Found around the Philippines, northwest Australia, Samoa, Ryukyu Islands, New South Wales, and Tonga. The body of the...

Masked Puffer Arothron diadematus
2013-02-17 08:40:40

The masked puffer is found only in the Red Sea among coral rich reefs in depths ranging from 3 - 90 feet. Often found singly where the edge of the reef slopes or crests. The body is olive green or grey having a black mask over the eyes and pectoral fins, with a black border around the mouth. An interesting characteristic of the masked puffer is that it will find a home in a cave or...

Map Puffer Arothron mappa
2013-02-17 08:34:58

Image Caption: Map Puffer taken at Bunaken Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Credit: Jens Petersen/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0) The map puffer is found in lagoons, and sheltered seaweed reefs, usually along deep drop offs where it can find shelter from predators. It is native to the Indo-Pacific in areas including East Africa, South Africa, Natal, Samoa, Ryukyus, Japan, New Caledonia, and...

Giant Freshwater Puffer Tetraodon mbu
2013-02-17 08:29:41

Image Caption: Elaborate skin pattern of Giant Freshwater Puffer fish, Tetraodon mbu. Aquarium of Kew Gardens, London. Credit: Chiswick Chap/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0) The Giant Freshwater Puffer is also identified as the giant puffer or Mbu puffer. It is found widespread in the deepest parts of the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika, the middle and lower sections of the Congo River, and in the...

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