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2008-09-16 09:15:00

BOLIVAR PENINSULA, Texas (AP) -- Rescuers say they've found 60 survivors on an isolated barrier island devastated by Hurricane Ike. Rescuers have tried for nearly three days to get in to find out how Bolivar Peninsula residents fared during the massive storm. They finally got their first look at the beach resort community Monday. Scott McKinney of the Sacramento Metro Fire Department said a search-and-rescue team found 60 residents. So far, they've found no dead. The team plans to keep...

2008-09-16 09:00:28

From wire reports GALVESTON, Texas Entire subdivisions obliterated. Oil and chemical slicks in the surf where vacationers once frolicked. Longhorn cattle roaming desolate streets. But, most stunning of all, no more deaths. Grim scenes greeted rescuers Monday as they penetrated the areas hardest-hit by Hurricane Ike, two days after it thrashed the Texas Gulf Coast and left thousands homeless. The Bolivar Peninsula and the west end of Galveston Island saw some of the heaviest damage...

2008-09-16 09:00:04

By Andre Coe and Chris Duncan Associated Press HOUSTON -- Thousands of victims of Hurricane Ike settled in at shelters for what could be weeks, and others waited wearily in line for food, water, ice and gasoline Monday as it became increasingly clear the disaster along the Texas coast would be measured not by its death toll but by the misery it spread. Almost three days after the storm steamrolled the coast, the extent of the damage was still coming into focus, with rescue teams finally...

2008-09-15 16:13:07

As Hurricane Ike's floodwaters begin to recede from Galveston, Texas, and other areas of the Gulf Coast, emergency responders are surveying the storm's damage and rescuing thousands of residents who ignored evacuation orders. There are many reasons why some people don't heed evacuation notices - some think they can ride out the winds and surging waters, while others simply have nowhere to go and no way to leave. Still others remember unnecessary evacuations from botched forecasts and...

2008-09-16 07:00:00

By Clifford Krauss Oil companies are warning U.S. motorists that they will not be able to produce adequate supplies of gasoline in the days ahead because so many of their refineries are still not operating in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. As a result, prices at the pump in the United States have begun soaring again, another piece of bad news for the world's largest economy, which is already facing crises in the housing market and on Wall Street. Crude prices on the New York Mercantile...

2008-09-16 06:00:16

By Marisol Bello HIGH ISLAND, Texas -- As 25-foot waves from Hurricane Ike battered their house, Frank and Deeann Sherman sought refuge in their attic, along with their two dogs and six of their pet birds. Walls crumbled around them, and the first floor filled with water. "The ocean rose up like a big hand and went through the house," says Deeann Sherman, 59. "We were in the attic 24 hours, holding on and praying. It was such a mean storm. It was the longest storm I've seen in my...

2008-09-16 07:00:00

By John Porretto; Mark Williams / Associated Press Pump prices jumped above $5 per gallon in some parts of the country Sunday as Hurricane Ike, which caused less destruction than feared, left refineries and pipelines idled and destroyed at least 10 offshore petroleum platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Far beyond areas struck directly by high winds and flooding, Ike left behind it a bizarre pattern of gas prices, with disparities of as much as $1 a gallon in some states, and even on some...

2008-09-15 21:00:25

By David Koenig; Ellen Simon A small change in Hurricane Ike's course just before it crashed into the Texas coast may have spared the state and the nation from significantly worse economic damage. The center of the storm appeared to miss the vital concentration of oil and petrochemical refineries in the Houston area, and the surge of water rolling into the nation's second-largest port was also weaker than predicted. "If the eye of that storm had been as much as 20 miles east, we would...

2008-09-15 18:00:31

Today, President Bush discussed Federal actions his Administration is taking to increase fuel supply in the aftermath of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. These storms have disrupted our energy sources, and the Federal government is leading the effort to minimize the impact on American families. This recovery effort will take time, but the Administration is acting quickly to help the millions of residents in Texas and Louisiana who have been affected by Hurricane Ike. We are coordinating with State...

2008-09-15 18:00:08

By WILLIAM TINNING A GROUP of Scottish students and teachers are among nearly a million people along the Texas coast in the US who have been ordered to evacuate ahead of the expected arrival of Hurricane Ike, which weather experts warn could cause deaths. The 26 students and five staff from schools across Scotland left Glasgow last week on a 10-day tour of Nasa's Johnson Space Centre in Houston. They were moved to a hotel near the airport yesterday in a mandatory evacuation. The 16 and...

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Low Pressure Development Near The Gulf Coast
2012-06-15 02:30:39

As of 2:30pm Friday afternoon an area of disturbed weather has intensified in coverage over the Northeast Gulf of Mexico. At this time the NHC has given the area a 0% of development. As it continues to track westward across the Gulf of Mexico it will bring increased winds/seas and heavy precipitation to the area. Severe weather also can’t be ruled out with this system as it continues westward over the next couple of days. Places that are going to be impacted with increased seas will be any...

Heavy Rain Batters The Gulf Coast From Louisiana To The Florida Panhandle
2012-07-10 17:50:51

GULF COAST UNITED STATES The weekend of June 8-10, 2012 was one of the wettest weekends in a very long time for this region. Thunderstorms and very heavy rain started in the middle of the afternoon on Friday and continued all the way through Sunday Night. An upper level feature began to slide through Eastern Texas towards the Gulf of Mexico and this interacted with a quasi-stationary front that was situated along the Northern Gulf Coast. The two features acted together to create a very...

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