Latest TGF beta Stories

2009-04-07 13:32:00

BOSTON, April 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Scientists at Schepens Eye Research Institute have found that the growth factor known as TGF-beta is essential to the health of blood vessels in the retina and that blocking it can cause retinal dysfunction.

2009-01-21 16:32:11

Researchers led by Drs. Lillian Maggio-Price and Brian Iritani at The University of Washington found that mice that lack the immune inhibitory molecule Smad3 are acutely sensitive to both bacterially-induced inflammation and cancer.

2008-07-03 00:00:27

Broccoli may combat prostate cancer by altering the activity levels of genes involved in tumour growth, a ground-breaking study has shown. Scientists made the discovery after adding either peas or broccoli to the normal diets of two groups of men for a year.

2008-07-01 03:00:12

By Ishihara, Hideyuki Kubota, Hisashi; Lindberg, Raija L P; Leppert, David; Gloor, Sergio M; Errede, Mariella; Virgintino, Daniela; Fontana, Adriano; Yonekawa, Yasuhiro; Frei, Karl Abstract Gliomas, particularly glioblastoma multiforme, perturb the blood-brain barrier and cause brain edema that contributes to morbidity and mortality.

2008-06-18 13:40:00

Old muscle got a shot of youthful vigor in a stem cell experiment by bioengineers at the University of California, Berkeley, setting the path for research on new treatments for age-related degenerative conditions such as muscle atrophy or Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

2007-10-09 18:00:12

ALBUQUERQUE - A group of researchers has discovered a mechanism that helps protect deer mice from hantavirus even though the rodents carry the life-threatening disease.

2007-07-03 09:17:00

By Liu, Jun Jin, Taocong; Chang, Syweren; Ritchie,

2005-11-08 13:03:46

LONDON (Reuters) - A single protein may hold the key to turning the tide on lung cancer -- still the world's biggest cancer killer -- research published on Tuesday showed.

2005-07-24 18:44:47

It started several years ago with the observation that a large group of seemingly unconnected genes were behaving differently in patients with stomach cancer. Now a multi-national research team led by the Melbourne Branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR) has joined the proverbial dots and identified a potential new target for stomach cancer therapy, according to a paper published today in the prestigious Nature Medicine journal.

2005-06-09 17:35:38

Dartmouth researchers find protein responsible for unchecked cell growth.

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