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2014-08-20 12:23:30

Jamie King & Emilio Estefan Join Forces to Produce Resort's Grand Opening Gala, Welcoming the World to the 'New Riviera' NASSAU, The Bahamas, Aug. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Baha Mar, the grand and greatly anticipated luxury resort located in Nassau, The Bahamas, announces an exciting partnership with two of the leading names in the world of music and entertainment -- Jamie King and Emilio Estefan -- who will be teaming up for the first time to develop, produce, choreograph...

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2008-10-16 17:57:20

The Royal Gamma (Gramma loreto) is a species of fish that is found naturally in the waters of the Bahamas, Venezuela, and the Lesser Antilles. It is widely popular in the aquarium trade. It is an ideal fish for most reef aquariums containing coral and other invertebrates. Although they can become aggressive towards other fish when kept in smaller tanks. The Royal Gamma is dark purple which fades to yellow in the back. It is similar to the False Gamma, with the exception of the fins. False...

2008-06-16 14:32:21

The Hamlet (Hypoplectrus), is a grouping fish that is found mainly in coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, particularly around Florida and the Bahamas. Hamlets are simultaneous hermaphrodites (or synchronous hermaphrodites): They have both male and female sexual organs at the same time as an adult. They seem quite at ease mating in front of divers, allowing observations in the wild to occur readily. They do not practice self-fertilization, but when they find a mate, the...

2013-09-05 00:00:00

The Lagostino, Panulirus argus is a species of spiny lobster inhabiting the waters of the western Atlantic Ocean, from North Carolina down to eastern South America at depths from 100 to 300 feet. They dwell on reefs and in mangrove swamps, or habitats with some sort of cover. More familiar names for the species include Caribbean Spiny Lobster, Florida Spiny Lobster or West Indies Spiny Lobster. Shortened variations of the name could include Lagostino, Crawfish, Crayfish or Bug. The...

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