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2014-08-19 20:24:02

FIRST TRACK, "THE BIRDS OF ST. MARKS" DEBUTED THIS WEEK LOS ANGELES, Aug. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 7th, Jackson Browne will release his 14th studio album, Standing In The Breach. The album was recorded in Los Angeles and features the single "The Birds Of St. Marks," which debuted yesterday on Rolling Stone and MOJO and is available today for download via Amazon and iTunes when the album Standing In The Breach is pre-ordered. "RINGING PEALS OF GUITAR herald the coming of a...

How Do Birds Avoid Crashes?
2011-10-28 04:15:45

The secret of how birds zip flawlessly through narrow spaces without crashing into obstacles has been unlocked by Australian scientists. Their discovery could be used to design ℠bird-safe´ buildings and windmills, and improve the versatility of pilotless aircraft. Researchers at The Vision Centre have found that birds weave rapidly and safely through dense forests and narrow corridors by using their eyes to sense the speed of background image flow on both sides and adjust...

2011-07-28 14:18:00

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., July 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- OVERVIEW: Known for his chilling genius, Alfred Hitchcock was one of the most brilliant directors of all time. From the dark allure of the voyeur (Rear Window) to the danger of falling for the wrong woman (Vertigo) to the thrilling mistaken identity chase (North by Northwest), to the horror of inescapable evil (The Birds), and the most terrifying and shocking film of its time (Psycho), Hitchcock's films send a shiver up any spine....

2011-02-23 13:48:05

A discovery made by a scientist who has been studying sleep in bird colonies found that seagulls learn from each other when it is safe to nod off. The scientist found that when they feel it is safe to sleep, it results in "waves of sleep" passing through seagull colonies as the birds enter differing stages of vigilance. This is the first time such behavior has been documented, and the findings were published in the journal Ethology. Seagulls open and close their eyes periodically while...

2009-01-11 13:50:00

Wildlife experts reported Friday that a toxic chemical produced by algae has been found in some sick California brown pelicans.  The birds have been found in record numbers along the West Coast in recent weeks. Preliminary laboratory results from the University of Southern California found that half of the blood samples obtained from ailing pelicans tested positive for domoic acid.  Meanwhile, five of 14 water samples taken from waters off the Southern California coast also...

2008-12-17 13:35:47

A new version of the Barbie doll aimed at Alfred Hitchcock fans is hitting U.S. stores in time for Christmas -- Bird Barbie. This Barbie Collector doll is modeled on Tippi Hedren, star of the 1963 horror classic The Birds, the New York Post reports. Like Melanie Daniels, Hedren's character in the movie, Barbie is being strafed by birds. The doll's release was timed to the movie's 45th anniversary. Mattel Inc. warns that Bird Barbie is at least PG-13 rated and not suitable for little girls....

2008-11-06 06:00:12

By Susan Wloszczyna In the history of cinema, few films have proven as durable as those that sprang from the warped psyche of Alfred Hitchcock. The rotund British-born director, whose 60-plus features included such nerve-racking thrillers as Strangers on a Train, Rear Window and Psycho, possessed an unerring ability to distill humanity's deepest fears and darkest desires into exquisitely crafted popular art. What was behind this talent for turning such perverse thematic elements as...

2008-10-10 12:00:23

"Stagecoach," the 1939 Western that paired for the first time director John Ford and leading man John Wayne, will get a free screening at 2 p.m. today at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library as this month's Classic Film Series feature. With Geronimo on the warpath, the stagecoach carries a prostitute (Claire Trevor), an escaped prisoner (Wayne), an alcoholic doctor (Thomas Mitchell), a gambler (John Carradine), a loudmouth driver (Andy Devine), a society maven (Louise Platt), a...

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