Latest The FASEB Journal Stories

2010-09-30 19:40:51

New research in the FASEB Journal suggests that increasing the level of the P450 protein causes the creation of molecules called EETs, which lower blood pressure.

2010-09-30 19:39:26

New hypothesis in the FASEB Journal suggests balance between NF-kB and p53 signaling is a promising target for new drugs.

2010-08-31 20:56:06

Here's good news for anyone trying to lose weight or has osteoporosis: Scientists from Maine are on the trail of a weight loss drug that may revolutionize how we treat these two conditions.

2010-08-05 15:53:56

At a time when great jobs are hard to find, here's good news for the under-qualified: A new article appearing in the FASEB Journal (http://www.fasebj.org) shows that being a highly cited researcher may not be a primary qualification for taking on leading management positions at research institutions.

2010-08-02 19:04:36

New research in the FASEB Journal shows that a peptide derived from bee venom can deliver liposomes bearing drugs or diagnostic dyes to specific cells or tissues.

2010-07-01 13:47:57

New research in the FASEB Journal suggests that the polyphenols in virgin olive oil modify the expression of atherosclerosis-related genes, leading to health benefits.

2010-06-30 11:50:27

New research in the FASEB Journal shows that defensin-1, a protein added to honey by bees, possesses potent antibacterial properties and could be used again drug-resistant bacteria.

2010-06-11 01:07:39

New report in the FASEB Journal suggests that disrupting a particular cellular signaling pathway could stop or slow the initiation, promotion, and progression of prostate cancer.

2010-06-03 14:03:35

New research published in the FASEB Journal suggests that Lactobacillus reuteri immediately affects nerves in the gut, explaining how probiotics work.

2010-06-03 13:28:30

In the future, summer sun may never be viewed the same way again: New research in the FASEB Journal will help doctors predict your likelihood to develop skin cancer, and promises next-generation sunscreens.

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