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2009-07-22 11:50:34

Six rabid raccoons have been identified in New York City this year, the city health department said. Four of the raccoons were found in the Bronx, one in Manhattan near Inwood Hill Park, and one in Queens in Long Island City. Raccoons are the most commonly reported rabid animals in New York City, but city health officials warn that skunks, bats, stray dogs and cats and other wild animals can also carry rabies. Rabid raccoons are a relatively common occurrence in Staten Island and the Bronx,...

2009-01-13 15:56:28

A Missouri raccoon trapper finds that his frozen carcasses disappear quickly when he sells them out of his car trunk in a parking lot. Larry Brownsberger of Montrose sells the raccoons for $3 to $7 each, The Kansas City Star reports. His customers say that the meat tastes good and is economical and healthy. Raccoon is a lot of work. The frozen carcasses have to be thawed, soaked in brine overnight and parboiled for two hours -- and that's before the final roasting or barbecuing. Good things...

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'Omphalos' comes from the ancient Greek.