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Science Could Determine If Bad Kids Will Become Adult Criminals
2013-11-05 10:24:39

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Psychologists from the University of Michigan say they’ve developed a new, hi-tech way to neurologically pinpoint trouble-making children. Recent advancements in the field of neurogenetics are helping researchers find the origins of certain neurological disorders and functions and, according to the latest study, the propensity for poor behavior can be identified in the brain. This, say the researchers, could allow parents to...

2013-10-07 11:36:12

Understanding how genes act in specific tissues is critical to our ability to combat many human diseases, from heart disease to kidney failure to cancer.  Yet isolating individual cell types for study is impossible for most human tissues. A new method developed by researchers at Princeton University and the University of Michigan called “in silico nano-dissection” uses computers rather than scalpels to separate and identify genes from specific cell types, enabling the systematic study...

2013-10-01 10:15:34

A microfluidic chip developed at the University of Michigan is among the best at capturing elusive circulating tumor cells from blood—and it can support the cells' growth for further analysis. The device, believed to be the first to pair these functions, uses the advanced electronics material graphene oxide. In clinics, such a device could one day help doctors diagnose cancers, give more accurate prognoses and test treatment options on cultured cells without subjecting patients to...

2013-09-18 23:34:02

In a key development in its initiative ferreting out alleged insider trading in securities, derivatives, swaps and other risk instruments, Young Law Group announces that whistleblower Mark Rosenblum has retained the firm with regard to Rosenblum’s allegations of insider trading and his related wrongful termination claims against Thomson Reuters. Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) September 18, 2013 Young Law Group, a national leader in whistleblower representation, announces that whistleblower...

School Lunch TV Linked Childhood Obesity
2013-08-12 15:27:24

Peter Suciu for redOrbit.com – Your Universe Online [Watch The Video: UofM Researchers Cite New Childhood Obesity Vectors ] Diet and time spent in front of the TV were two factors researchers looked at in a new study that examined habits that could lead to childhood obesity. Researchers at the University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center have released the findings of their study, which will be published in the September issue of issue of the journal Pediatrics. The...

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