Latest Therapeutic touch Stories

2012-08-12 23:02:04

Best Selling Author and founder of Quantum-Touch, Richard Gordon, is presenting a lecture titled, “New Human Abilities” on Aug 13th at 7:30 pm at the Agape International Spiritual Center, Aug 16th, 7:30 pm at the Artla Gallery-Bergamot Station and Aug 19th at the Topanga House at 2:00 pm. Richard´s work appears to redefine what it means to be a human being by demonstrating how powerfully people can accelerate the healing process. A group healing session will be given for all...

2009-10-29 14:30:57

New study reviews science behind efficacy of biofield therapies "“ Reiki, therapeutic touch and healing touch Biofield therapies, which claim to use subtle energy to stimulate the body's healing process, are promising complementary interventions for reducing the intensity of pain in a number of conditions, reducing anxiety for hospitalized patients and reducing agitated behaviors in dementia, over and above what standard treatments can achieve. However, longer-term effects are less...

2008-09-04 12:00:00

By Priya Gill The impact of touch, energies, or past lives on our current life may be greater than we imagine. Allopathy is making way for holistic and natural healing modes, with alternative therapies such as Reiki and past life regression having a discernible impact on the Punjabi populace.Reiki is the Japanese word for 'universal life force energy'. It is a healing technique in which the practitioner uses his hands to transfer energy; balancing energies enhances the healing process. A...

2008-07-28 06:00:25

By Hilary Waldman, The Hartford Courant, Conn. Jul. 28--Steeped in white-coat science since she earned her Ph.D. in cell biology at Columbia University 20 years ago, Gloria Gronowicz is about the last person you'd expect to put stock in the touchy-feely discipline of energy medicine.But then the University of Connecticut researcher saw it with her own eyes, under a high-power microscope in her own laboratory, where, once, only well-accepted biological building blocks -- proteins,...

2008-07-23 15:01:19

By Emily Hohenwarter, Times-News, Burlington, N.C. Jul. 23--In a dim room with instrumental music playing, Becky Springer moves her hands inches above Brenda Ford's body in a wavelike motion. The women are a few minutes into a Healing Touch therapy session. Springer, a certified Healing Touch practitioner at Alamance Regional Medical Center, calls what she's doing "unruffling." She is smoothing out the energy surrounding Ford to achieve balance in the body. Because of a grant from the...

2008-04-19 00:00:00

By HANNS PIEPER The importance of touch has been recognized for a long time. Decades ago, studies demonstrated how essential touch was for babies to thrive and develop. The need for touch does not decrease with age. Touch is a way to communicate to others that we care about them and that we are connected with them. Casual touch involves something as simple as a hand shake, touching someone on the hand or arm or just a pat on the back. Touch stimulates physiological processes. Just gently...

2004-11-30 09:00:10

Tucsonan opens school to spread her message In a tiny Midtown office, a handful of students gathers for studies in a newly licensed vocational school. Don't let the presence of a massage table in the middle of the classroom make you think this is a massage therapy class - or cosmetology or computer programming or anything else a vocational school might teach. These students are learning how to become energy healers. Energy healers? You've heard of more common practices - yoga,...

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