Latest Thermal radiation Stories

2014-09-03 23:10:07

Proving that there are US solar success stories to celebrate, Solar Energy Corporation marks its 40th anniversary in the industry in 2014. Ewing, NJ (PRWEB) September 03, 2014 Starting from modest beginnings in a small farm building on the outskirts of Princeton, NJ, as a direct response to the 1973 oil crisis, Solar Energy Corporation (SOLEC) established itself as a science-first organization, devoting much of its time and resources to R&D, developing novel solar collector designs,...

Heat Radiation Of Small Objects Is Beyond Planck's Equations
2013-07-11 11:20:03

Vienna University of Technology Objects that are smaller than the wavelength of thermal radiation cannot radiate heat efficiently. A generalized theory of thermal radiation has now been experimentally confirmed at the level of a single object at the Vienna University of Technology. All the objects around us emit thermal radiation. Usually, this radiation can be described very accurately using Planck's law. If, however, the radiating object is smaller than the thermal wavelength, it...

Image 1 - Satellites Predict City Hot Spots
2011-09-29 07:10:15

Satellites are helping to forecast the location of urban areas most affected during heat waves, helping planners to design cooler, more comfortable cities. The temperature in densely urbanized areas can be several degrees higher than in nearby rural areas — a phenomenon known as the ℠urban heat island´ effect. These ℠heat islands´ are particularly noticeable at night. During the day, cities accumulate solar radiation and release the energy after the Sun sets....

2011-07-25 12:26:45

Boston College researchers' designer material has potential applications for thermophotovoltaics A designer metamaterial has shown it can engineer emitted "blackbody" radiation with an efficiency beyond the natural limits imposed by the material's temperature, a team of researchers led by Boston College physicist Willie Padilla report in the current edition of Physical Review Letters. A "blackbody" object represents a theorized ideal of performance for a material that perfectly absorbs all...

2009-07-30 11:46:39

A well-established physical law describes the transfer of heat between two objects, but some physicists have long predicted that the law should break down when the objects are very close together. Scientists had never been able to confirm, or measure, this breakdown in practice. For the first time, however, MIT researchers have achieved this feat, and determined that the heat transfer can be 1,000 times greater than the law predicts.The new findings could lead to significant new applications,...

2008-07-18 11:05:00

When heat waves strike, it's far more difficult to cope with stifling temperatures in built-up areas than it is out in the countryside. An ESA campaign has just been carried out to see if a spaceborne thermal infrared sensor could help policy makers and town planners reduce the number of casualties when temperatures soar. Over the last decade, heat waves have claimed an increasing number of casualties among the elderly "“ particularly in southern Europe. The heat wave that hit Europe in...

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