Latest throat cancer Stories

2013-07-24 23:24:48

A new study, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology on June 17, 2013 showed that 33% of all throat cancer cases may be caused by HPV infection.

HPV Link To Throat Cancer Revealed In New Study
2013-07-22 04:35:54

One-third of all cases of throat cancer can be linked to human papillomavirus, claims new research appearing in the Journal of Clinical Oncology this month.

2012-03-09 01:32:16

Researchers at King's College London and Hiroshima University, Japan, have identified a specific gene linked to throat cancer following a genetic study of a family with 10 members who have developed the condition.

2011-03-10 07:14:18

Oral Sex - It's been linked to oral, head and neck cancer, but a new report shows it may be causing more throat cancer than tobacco.

2009-03-27 11:51:49

Iranian researchers released a population-based study on Friday that showed drinking very hot tea may increase the risk of throat cancer.

2008-10-06 21:00:30

By Ketan Tanna Last month, 60-year-old Ram Avtar, a resident of Vikhroli, called retired businessman Satish Sharma in panic. "I have throat cancer and the doctor has decided to remove my voice box. Will I ever be able to speak again?" he asked fearfully. Sharma reassured him that he could.

2008-07-28 15:01:01

By MARY JO LAYTON, STAFF WRITER Two-and-a-half years after they filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Ford Motor Co., Upper Ringwood residents are steeling themselves for a long battle one that some believe they won't survive. "I'll be dead before I get any money," said Mickey Van Dunk, 37.

2008-06-15 15:00:00

By Andrew Rafferty, The Buffalo News, N.Y. Jun.

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