Latest Thrombocytopenia Stories

2007-11-11 03:00:07

By Boren, Todd Reyes, Carlos; Montenegro, Raul; Raimer, Karen Abstract Evan's syndrome is a rare hematological condition defined as immune thrombocytopenic purpura and hemolytic anemia. We describe herein a case of Evan's syndrome diagnosed in a term pregnancy that was refractory to primary therapeutic options. We also describe current treatment options in pregnancy and briefly discuss the pathophysiology of Evan's syndrome and perinatal outcome. Keywords: Pregnancy, Evan's syndrome,...

2007-06-14 06:07:59

By Tarcan, Aylin Tiker, Filiz; Guvenir, Hakan; Gurakan, Berkan Abstract Background. The pathogenetic mechanisms of hepatic injury in perinatal asphyxia (PNA) are similar to those in ischemic hepatitis, yet liver involvement is currently not considered a component of multi-organ failure in PNA. Methods. A retrospective study was done on 56 newborns with PNA. Hepatocyte injury was diagnosed based on elevated serum alanine transaminase level (> 100 U/L, twice upper normal) with subsequent...

2007-05-18 06:00:37

By Florea, Anca V; Ionescu, Diana N; Melhem, Mona F Human parvovirus B19 is a single-stranded DNA virus with a predilection for infecting rapidly dividing cell lines, such as bone marrow erythroid progenitor cells. People with defective cell- mediated immunity (eg, severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome; acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; and patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy, ie, post organ transplant) can develop pure red cell aplasia, in which suppression of erythroid...

2004-11-26 03:00:11

Methotrexate is one of the most widely prescribed disease- modifying drugs for rheumatoid arthritis. Since it is excreted largely unchanged via the kidney, renal impairment increases the concentration in blood. CASE HISTORIES Case 1 A woman of 46 with seropositive rheumatoid arthritis had been treated for 9 years with 10 mg methotrexate and 5 mg folic acid. She took the methotrexate on Fridays. On a Saturday she was admitted to hospital with right lower lobe pneumonia and proved to be...

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