Latest Thrombosis Stories

2013-06-06 23:41:07

Latest Court Update Shows 1,232 NuvaRing Lawsuits Filed in Federal Litigation on Behalf of Women Who Suffered Alleged NuvaRing Side Effects, Including Blood Clots, Heart Attacks and Strokes.

2013-06-06 23:22:14

This resource will provide consumers access to information about legal rights involving allegations of dangerous side effects, including deep vein thrombosis, filter fracture, migration and perforation

2013-06-04 23:27:02

A new study revealed that maintaining an ideal body weight reduced the likelihood of having blood clots, suggesting that weight loss supplements such as Liproxenol which was developed by Liproxenol

2013-05-26 23:02:05

As federal consolidated litigation progresses, Resource4thePeople's national network of attorneys offers free consultations over legal options that may be available to women alleging they

2013-05-16 23:28:35

The DrugRisk Center is the web’s largest source for information on prescription drug warnings, side effects and legal news.

2013-05-11 23:02:35

Consumers can contact Resource4thePeople's national network of attorneys for free consultations about their legal options to join with those seeking compensation for alleged side effects,

Gene Offers New Clues To Treatments For Deep-vein Thrombosis
2013-05-08 09:16:22

A gene associated with both protection against bacterial infection and excessive blood clotting could offer new insights into treatment strategies for deep-vein thrombosis -- the formation of a harmful clot in a deep vein.

2013-05-02 23:25:19

More than 1,000 NuvaRing Lawsuits Filed on Behalf of Alleged Victims of NuvaRing Side Effects, Including Heart Attacks, Blood Clots and Strokes, are Currently Pending in the Federal NuvaRing

2013-04-19 17:47:50

One venous puncture, rather than two, is a safe and effective approach to intravascular ultrasound-guided inferior vena cava filter placement in critically-ill patients.

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