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2008-09-12 09:00:51

REGENERX BIOPHARMACEUTICALS, INC. (AMEX:RGN) (www.regenerx.com) announced today that Dr. Paul Riley, University College of London Institute of Child Health has been awarded the 2008 Outstanding Achievement Award of the European Society of Cardiology on Basic Cardiovascular Science. "The award made to Dr. Paul Riley, Reader in the Molecular Medicine Unit at the UCL Institute of Child Health, recognizes a landmark discovery in the field of basic cardiovascular science when his team found that...

2007-03-30 15:00:42

RegeneRx said Friday it is seeking approval to begin a phase 2 study of its Thymosin beta 4 eye drops in diabetic patients. The treatment is being tested for diabetic patients undergoing vitrectomies to correct diabetic retinopathy. The study will assess the drug's ability to heal post-op corneal wounds, the company said. TB4 is designed to reduce inflammation, prevent natural cell death, improve the ability of cells to adhere to each other, and promote the growth of the outer layer of...

2004-11-27 18:00:08

DNA testing has revolutionised criminal investigations by linking suspects to crime scenes. Now advances in forensic science mean we may one day be able to say what time a suspect was there. A new test developed by the forensic and investigative science programme at West Virginia University in Morgantown, USA, can indicate the age of genetic material and, therefore, set DNA samples within a time-frame. The test can be used on DNA samples up to 150 days old and measures the breakdown of...

2004-11-25 06:00:09

SCIENTISTS have discovered a protein that could save heart attack victims. In tests on mice, the US researchers found their hearts repaired much better after an attack when they were given the protein molecule thymosin b4. Professor Deepak Srivastava and his colleagues in Dallas, Texas, found the molecule is active in the growing embryonic heart where it helps cells migrate and survive. It also helps adult heart muscle cells survive in the lab. The professor said: 'Because the heart...

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