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2009-09-02 15:50:00

Petroleum firm BP announced Wednesday that it has made a "giant" discovery in the Gulf of Mexico. "BP announced today a giant oil discovery at its Tiber Prospect (well) in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico," the firm said in a statement. "The Tiber well was drilled to a total depth of approximately 35,055 feet making it one of the deepest wells ever drilled by the oil and gas industry." The well is located in Keathley Canyon block 102, about 250 miles south east of Houston. "Tiber represents BP's...

2009-07-03 13:07:38

Modern Tuscans show no genetic relationship to the Etruscans who occupied the area during the Bronze Age, Italian researchers have found. While there is a genetic link between Medieval Tuscans and the current population, no link could be found to inhabitants from the Bronze Age, David Caramelli of Florence University and Guido Barbujani of Ferrara University said. Immigration and forced migration have diluted the Etruscan genetic inheritance so much as to make it difficult to recognize, the...

2005-07-12 10:47:22

ROME (Reuters) - Tom Cruise set pulses racing in the center of Rome on Tuesday as he careened down the Tiber River as part of filming for "Mission: Impossible 3." With St. Peter's Basilica as a backdrop, the Hollywood heartthrob piloted a speedboat under statue-topped bridges, bringing river traffic to a standstill and wowing tourists. "We were on our way to visit the Vatican, but St. Peter's will be here tomorrow," said Spanish student Ana Pinon, 21, as she peered down at the river. "Tom...

Word of the Day
  • In the phrase to out-herod Herod, to be more violent than Herod (as represented in the old mystery plays); hence, to exceed in any excess of evil.
Herod refers to 'Herod the Great,' a Roman client king and 'a madman who murdered his own family and a great many rabbis.' According to the OED, the term is 'chiefly with allusion to Shakespeare's use' in Hamlet.