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Cook Apologies For Maps
2012-09-28 20:57:06

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Much hay has been made about Apple´s latest version of Maps in iOS 6. Much of this hay is very valid, as the new, native app does appear incomplete in many regards. Maps became the laughing stock last week as millions of users rushed to install iOS 6 (15% of iOS users upgraded within the first 24 hours, according to analysis firm Chitika) and play with an app that had been hyped for months. After looking for their houses,...

2012-08-30 15:34:44

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Just days after a San Jose jury handed down their verdict and a $1 billion settlement decision in the trial between Apple and Samsung, Google issued a statement to The Verge in an attempt to prevent a similar suit from the iPhone maker. Said Google: “The court of appeals will review both infringement and the validity of the patent claims. Most of these don't relate to the core Android operating system, and several are...

Apple's Bob Mansfield Not Retiring After All
2012-08-29 06:10:52

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Apple´s long-time head of hardware engineering, Bob Mansfield, announced his retirement from the Mac maker in the last days of June, a somewhat shocking announcement from an executive who mostly worked behind the scenes without much public attention. That´s not to say he didn´t stand out, of course. In any stereotypical Apple video about a new product, be it a new Mac or a new iPad, Bob Mansfield was always the...

2012-08-25 08:46:21

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports — Your Universe Online Preparing to enter the second year of his reign as the chief executive of Apple , Tim Cook found himself in charge of the most valuable company in history -- despite a fourth-quarter that fell short of analyst's expectations, according to various media reports published Friday. According to Patrick May of MercuryNews.com, after Cook's first year on the job as the successor of the late Steve Jobs, the Cupertino,...

iPhone 5: Another "Confirmation" That Apple Will Change The iPhone Dock
2012-07-23 09:33:50

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online One month after we first heard rumors of Apple dropping their long standing 30-pin dock connector in the latest, unreleased iPhone, Reuters has come through with a confirmation of their own. This Reuters “confirmation” can be added to confirmations by the Wall Street Journal that the next iPhone will have a 4-inch screen and be even slimmer than before. At this point, we seem to know a great deal about the...

2012-06-27 18:33:47

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com There´s a popular saying which can explain many a difficult situation. To paraphrase, “Stuff rolls downhill.” Take, for instance, the latest scandal involving an Atlanta Apple Store and a local student and Iran. For reasons far beyond my understanding or pay grade, Iran and the U.S. do not have the best of relations. As such, the US will not trade with Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan or Syria. These large governments, run by powerful...

2012-06-11 17:16:32

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com Today's keynote was one of Apple´s most anticipated to date, and while rumors usually run hot just before any Apple presentation or press event, there was something extra in the air as we approached WWDC 2012. With talk of a TV in the future and an as-of-yet unannounced new iPhone running wild on rumor sites, Apple stood ready to surprise us all. They could have announced everything, or they could have announced nothing. Either way, they would have...

Siri On The iPad?
2012-06-04 13:05:00

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com It's been a feature that's been clamored for ever since it first debuted...on another product. Now, if new rumors from 9to5mac.com are correct, everyone's favorite sassy, intelligent personal assistant will find a new home on the iPad. According to the folks at 9 to 5 Mac, Apple has been testing Siri on both the current generation iPad and the iPad 2 in the latest build of iOS 6. They do note, however, that it is unclear if Siri will launch on both of...

2012-06-02 08:26:21

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Standing At The Precipice It´s been a big week for Apple news. A huge week. The only thing to make it larger would be more, actual real news from Apple themselves, but we´ll take a lengthy interview with Mr. Cook. That should be enough to hold us until WWDC in a couple of weeks. Stay in bed for another few minutes, kiddos. Let´s get cozy and have some Applesauce. “Yes, sir, a veritable age of reason.” Perhaps the most...

Tim Cook Promises To Double Down On Secrecy, Siri
2012-05-30 03:21:28

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Apple CEO Tim Cook just wrapped up his interview at this year´s All Things D conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal´s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. The event kicked off the D Conference, which is taking place this week in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The late Steve Jobs was subjected to the “hot seat” before, and as it turns out, the new CEO of the world´s largest and most valuable tech company in the world is a good...

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Tim Cook
2013-08-01 11:48:01

Timothy Donald Cook, Born in Alabama on November 1, 1960, is a Business Executive, CEO of Apple and serves on the company's Board of Directors. Tim Cook grew up in Robertsdale, Alabama, near Mobile. He graduated from Robertsdale High School and earned a B.S. degree in industrial engineering from Auburn University in 1982. He earned his M.B.A. from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business in 1988. Cook didn't start out as CEO Though. That Job, had been held by Steve Jobs. Cook has...

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