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2005-07-18 07:30:30

By Daniel Flynn and Raquel Castillo MADRID (Reuters) - Carnival king Carlinhos Brown, whose band and social project Timbalada helped regenerate one of Brazil's poorest neighborhoods, is a true believer in the power of music to fight poverty. As the world remembers this month's star-studded Live 8 concerts which urged leaders to tackle African poverty, Brown called for record companies to accept their social responsibilities and for fellow artists not to become mere marketing tools. Brown,...

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2005-09-09 08:22:08

A cicada is any of several insects of the order Hemiptera, suborder Homoptera, with small eyes wide apart on the head and transparent well-veined wings. Cicadas live in temperate to tropical climates. Taxonomy There are many thousands of cicada species. The largest are in the genera Pomponia and Tacua. There are some 200 species in 38 genera in Australia, about 100 in the Palaearctic and exactly one species in England, the New Forest Cicada (Melampsalta montana), which is widely...

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