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2010-12-08 00:55:05

Sonic screwdriver to solve future DIY woes Television's favourite Time Lord could not exist without his trusty sonic screwdriver, as it's proved priceless in defeating Daleks and keeping the Tardis in check. Now Doctor Who's famous cure-all gadget could become a reality for DIY-ers across the world, say engineers. Ultrasonic engineers at Bristol University and The Big Bang: UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair are uncovering how a real life version of the fictional screwdriver - which uses...

2009-10-01 21:53:24

British actor John Simm says the upcoming two-part Doctor Who Christmas special is a brilliant send-off for outgoing star, David Tennant. Tennant announced this year he would be leaving the long-running science-fiction series. Matt Smith is to take over the role of the iconic time and space traveler. He will be the 11th actor to play the character and the next season of the show is to begin airing in the spring. Simm, who starred in the British versions of State of Play and Life on Mars,...

2008-07-06 15:00:19

Actor David Tennant appears to be retaining the title role in Doctor Who, the storyline of the British TV series' season finale portends. While there had been speculation Tennant was preparing to leave the science fiction series, his character survived Saturday's finale and all indications were he would be returning next season, The Sunday Telegraph reported. The British newspaper said in previous season finales, the actor playing Doctor Who typically exits the show after his character...

2008-06-25 21:01:25

By Charles Kochakian In response to the letter complaining about waiting for doctors, I would add this advice and information: There are fewer doctors than in past years, but, more importantly, patients do not have to give up their power. You can leave or come back an hour later. The key for me is whether the doctor gives me all the time I need when I am seen. If so, that's why he or she is running late, and I can understand. If I am told, "I am running late, so I don't have time for any...

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