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Great Tinamou
2006-10-19 13:31:49

The Great Tinamou is a species of bird native to Central and South America, one of about 47 species of tinamou. It is 17 inches long, 38.8 ounces in weight and approximately the size and shape of a small turkey. It is gray-brown in color and well-camouflaged in the rainforest under-story*. The Great Tinamou has a distinctive call, three short but powerful piping notes which can be heard in its...

White-throated Tinamou
2006-10-19 13:29:50

The White-throated Tinamou, Tinamus guttatus, is a species of bird native to the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. They inhabit forests as well as bush. These birds measure between 12.5 to 14.2 inches in length. They eat seeds, fruits and invertebrates. They lay a clutch of 4 or 5 eggs of an intense blue green color. It is a relatively abundant species in its habitat and the main threat to it is...

2006-10-19 13:28:36

The tinamous are one of the most ancient groups of bird, members of a South American bird family of about 47 species in 9 genera. Although they look similar to other ground-dwelling birds like quail and grouse, they have no close relatives and are classified as a single family. The tinamous range is from South America and north to Mexico. They occur in a wide range of habitats. Tinamous are...

Elegant Crested Tinamou
2006-09-25 14:51:38

The Elegant Crested Tinamou, Eudromia elegans, is a medium-sized, up to 16.2 inches long, partridge-like bird found in the grassland and savanna of Chile and Argentina. This bird is dark or yellowish brown with a short tail and wings. There are two white stripes on the side of the face. There is a long crest with pointed upward tip. The feet have no hind toes and the bluish or grayish legs...

Andean Tinamou
2006-09-15 04:58:40

The Andean Tinamou, Nothoprocta pentlandii is a member of the most ancient groups of bird families, the tinamous. It is 25.5-30cm in size. This species is found in western South America. It inhabits grassy slopes, scrub, meadows. The binomial commemorates the Irish traveller Joseph Barclay Pentland (1797-1873).

Variegated Tinamou
2006-09-15 04:57:49

The Variegated Tinamou, Crypturellus variegatus is a species of bird native to South America.

Yellow-legged Tinamou
2006-09-15 04:57:07

The Yellow-legged Tinamou, Crypturellus noctivagus is a species of bird native to Brazil.

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