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2011-10-04 10:21:27

The use of long-distance video and data hookups to link remote community hospitals with stroke neurologists in large centres provides the same level of care as having everyone in the same room.

2011-10-04 05:53:26

Using long-distance video and data hookups in remote community hospitals to treat stroke, provides the same level of care as having everyone in the same room, according to a new study.

2011-08-05 13:56:25

The percentage of graduating neurology residents comfortable treating stroke with a clot-busting drug has increased dramatically over the past 10 years.

2011-07-25 23:36:23

A naturally occurring substance shrank the size of stroke-induced lesions in the brains of experimental mice — even when administered as much as 12 hours after the event, Stanford University School of Medicine researchers have shown.

2011-07-02 02:51:53

A citywide study published online in today’s issue of Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association demonstrates racial disparities in the use of clot-busting drugs to treat acute ischemic stroke, the most common type of stroke.

2011-07-01 12:36:41

African-Americans are less likely than whites to receive critical stroke treatment primarily because they do not get to a hospital soon enough for time-sensitive treatment and because of preexisting medical conditions.

2011-06-03 12:34:55

The use of clot-busting drugs to treat acute ischemic stroke increased from 2005 through 2009 — but is still low.

2011-05-27 21:43:17

A new treatment that treats a subset of stroke patients by combining minimally invasive surgery, an imaging technique likened to "GPS for the brain," and the clot-busting drug t-PA appears to be safe and effective.

2011-05-18 14:16:27

Strokes are not typically thought of as a childhood health issue, but Baylor College of Medicine experts warn that they do occur in children and can result in significant long-lasting effects.

2011-05-10 13:14:19

Approximately 14 percent of all strokes occur during sleep, preventing many from getting clot-busting treatment.

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