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2013-10-12 23:03:15

A strong and muscular body is more easily attained with the best supplements for building muscle. The Weight Gain Network describes the top 7 that will have a positive effect on attaining those nicely cut six-pack abs without compromising on health. Pompano Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 12, 2013 Packing on muscle can be done in a variety of ways and some of those ways tend to harm the body more than they help. Using supplements to ease the body into a bulked up form is nothing new, but...

2013-10-07 23:00:28

Exercising is the key to visibly reducing cellulite, announces http://www.CelluliteProcedures.com in a review made on Joey Atlas’ Symulast cellulite reduction method. Denver, CO (PRWEB) October 07, 2013 The program is described in the e-book Truth about Cellulite, which the magazine recommends to all women wanting to get rid of this problem. Cellulite affects most post-pubescent women, “attacking” about 90 percent of the female population, writes CelluliteProcedures.com. The causes...

2013-10-07 12:40:02

A unique study of 16 pairs of identical twins in which one twin is obese and the other lean has yielded some surprising results. In 8 of the pairs of twins, the obese twin was as 'metabolically healthy' as his or her lean co-twin, while in the other 8 pairs, the obese twin had a poorer blood fat profile, higher liver fat and increased insulin production and resistance, and higher blood pressure -- all hallmarks of unhealthy obesity that can lead to diabetes, heart problems and other...

2013-10-07 09:22:06

In a study published in published in EMBO Molecular Medicine, a Dartmouth researcher found that dying heart cells are kept alive with spikes of oxygen. During a heart attack when the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of the heart is interrupted, and not quickly restored, heart muscle begins dying. Deprived of oxygen and other essential nutrients, cell death continues occurring over a period of time leading to progressive loss of heart function and congestive heart failure. Current...

2013-10-03 23:03:52

Go and Get Healthy introduces the Fat Loss Factor system. With this product, men and women rely on the body’s natural processes to lose weight; thousands have already benefited from the program. Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) October 04, 2013 The Fat Loss Factor is a new weight loss presentation that offers an alternative to more strenuous weight loss programs. Promised to work within seven days, the process does not place a restriction on food and does not require rigorous exercise....

2013-09-30 23:42:47

CelluliteSmooth is the latest minimally invasive procedure that tackles stubborn cellulite areas. Plano, TX (PRWEB) September 30, 2013 Women are tied down and limited to what they really want to do because of cellulite. Women have become very self-confident about their cellulite on the back of their legs, butts and even on their arms. Because of the way they look they limit themselves socially and keep from doing some of the fun and simple things like heading to the beach or pool to...

2013-09-29 23:04:39

Mingyaa.com has unveiled a review on The Muscle Maximizer, revealing how its somato-specific nutrition strategies can help build a pack of muscles in little time. (PRWEB) September 29, 2013 The Muscle Maximizer Program is now available and reviewed on Mingyaa.com, a source for details on the latest lifestyle, wellness, and nutrition information products. A detailed assessment of the program is provided. The system shows how somato-specific nutrition strategies help build muscle without...

2013-09-26 13:07:49

In ongoing research aimed at battling obesity, UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have deciphered how new fat cells are formed in energy-storing fat pads. In particular, researchers sought to find out the origin of "brown" fat cells and whether humans can make more of them in order to burn extra calories – a finding that could have significant impact in battling obesity and related diseases. "Much of the current excitement in the obesity field stems from recent observations...

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2013-04-30 14:32:22

Muscle is soft tissue that is filled with protein filaments that manipulates the shape of a cell which can help with posture, movement and functions of other organs in the body such as the lungs and heart as well as the digestive tract. Formation and Orientation There are three different types of muscle tissues; skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscles. Skeletal muscle is used to hold together and monitor skeletal movements. Posture is mainly controlled by skeletal muscles located along...

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