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2009-07-24 10:40:11

The toucan's large bill helps it release heat when the colorful bird's body becomes too warm, researchers at Canada's Brock University said. Scientists, including Charles Darwin, traditionally believed the toucan's bill helped attract mates, peel fruit or act as territorial weapons and visual warnings to predators, Brock researcher Glenn Tattersall said in a release Thursday. The toucan has the largest bill of any bird, relative to body size, its bill comprising about one-third of its total...

2009-07-24 06:15:00

The toucan's large, colorful, iconic beak actually has a surprising purpose: it cools down the bird's body. According to an Associated Press report, the bill of the Toco Toucan comprises one-third of its body measurement lengthwise and ornithologists have long pondered over the reason for the appendage. Several scientists wondered if the beak was used to attract mates. Perhaps it is used to peel and tear apart fruit. Maybe the beak is used as a weapon, or, a word of warning to other toucans....

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Toco Toucan, Ramphastos toco
2009-06-16 18:30:32

The Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco) is a species of bird that is found in semi-open habitats through much of central and eastern South America. It occurs in north and eastern Bolivia, southeastern Peru, northern Argentina, central Paraguay, and parts of southern Brazil. There are scattered populations along the lower Amazon River as well. It will only enter the deep Amazon where there are relatively open areas. It is mostly resident with some localized movements. It has a wide range of habitats...

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