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2011-02-28 16:16:47

New Research Shows Being Mindful Can Ease Fears of Death and Dying Death can be terrifying. Recognizing that death is inescapable and unpredictable makes us incredibly vulnerable, and can invoke feelings of anxiety, hatred and fear. But new research by George Mason University psychology professor Todd Kashdan shows that being a mindful person not only makes you generally more tolerant and less defensive, but it can also actually neutralize fears of dying and death. "Mindfulness is being open,...

2010-03-18 09:48:59

When you think of people suffering from social anxiety, you probably characterize them as shy, inhibitive and submissive. However, new research from psychologists Todd Kashdan and Patrick McKnight at George Mason University suggests that there is a subset of socially anxious people who act out in aggressive, risky ways"”and that their behavior patterns are often misunderstood. In the new study, "The Darker Side of Social Anxiety: When Aggressive Impulsivity Prevails Over Shy...

2009-03-13 12:26:31

With Mother's Day, Father's Day and high school and college graduations upcoming, there will be plenty of gift-giving and well wishes. When those start pouring in, let yourself be grateful"”it's the best way to achieve happiness according to several new studies conducted by Todd Kashdan, associate professor of psychology at George Mason University.Gratitude, the emotion of thankfulness and joy in response to receiving a gift, is one of the essential ingredients for living a good life,...

2009-03-13 12:11:16

Men are much less likely to feel and express gratitude than women and that may keep them from experiencing happiness, a U.S. researcher suggests Gratitude -- thankfulness and joy in response to receiving a gift -- is an essential ingredient for living a good life, however, Todd Kashdan of George Mason University, said there might be a difference in gender when it comes to gratitude. In a study, Kashdan interviewed college-age students and older adults, asking them to describe and evaluate a...

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