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2009-11-02 10:04:54

Progress in advanced operational scenarios for tokamak fusion devices provides hope for steady-state fusion power plants In the quest to produce nuclear fusion energy, researchers from the DIII-D National Fusion Facility have recently confirmed long-standing theoretical predictions that performance, efficiency and reliability are simultaneously obtained in tokamaks, the leading magnetic confinement fusion device, operating at their performance limits. Experiments designed to test these...

2008-12-03 16:10:00

Research carried out at MIT's Alcator C-Mod fusion reactor may have brought the promise of fusion as a future power source a bit closer to reality, though scientists caution that a practical fusion powerplant is still decades away.Fusion, the reaction that produces the sun's energy, is thought to have enormous potential for future power generation because fusion plant operation produces no emissions, fuel sources are potentially abundant, and it produces relatively little (and short-lived)...

2008-10-27 15:00:20

U.S. scientists say they've created a new cast stainless steel that is 70 percent stronger than comparable steels. Researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the U.S. ITER Project Office located at ORNL said the new steel in being evaluated for use in the huge shield modules required by the ITER fusion device. ITER (originally the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is a multibillion-dollar international research and development project to demonstrate the...

2008-10-07 13:00:41

Europe is looking into an alternative fusion project that would seek abundant clean energy using a colossal laser the size of a football stadium. The laser would produce energy by squeezing together atoms of hydrogen - a process very similar to the one that powers our Sun. Europe is already working on the Iter fusion venture that seeks to produce the same outcome via magnetic compression. The Hiper program is seen as a necessary complementary route. "We have two approaches because of the...

2007-02-13 21:05:00

For about six months of the year, bursts of a hot, electrically charged gas, or plasma, swirl around a donut-shaped tube in a special MIT reactor, helping scientists learn more about a potential future energy source: nuclear fusion. During downtimes when the reactor is offline, as it is right now, engineers make upgrades that will help them achieve their goal of making fusion a viable energy source--a long-standing mission that will likely continue for decades. MIT's reactor, known as...

2005-12-02 13:32:34

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union agreed on Friday to include India in a 10-billion-euro project to build an experimental nuclear fusion reactor that in the long-run could provide virtually unlimited, cheap and clean energy. The EU's willingness to work with India on a civil nuclear project comes months after the United States said it would support India's nuclear power development despite its refusal to sign a global treaty barring the spread of atomic weapons. That move was...

2005-06-28 08:30:56

By Guy Faulconbridge MOSCOW (Reuters) - France is to host the world's firstnuclear fusion reactor, the project's multinational partnersagreed on Tuesday, bringing closer a technology backers saycould one day provide the world with endless cheap energy. France beat off a rival bid from Japan to host the10-billion-euro ($12.18 billion) experimental reactor atCadarache in the south of the country, according to anagreement signed by the partners after a meeting in Moscow. The ITER...

2005-06-28 08:04:40

MOSCOW (Reuters) - France won its bid to build a10-billion-euro ($12.18 billion) experimental nuclear fusionreactor after more than a year of wrangling with Japan, theproject's multinational partners said on Tuesday. Ministers from the partner countries signed an agreement ata meeting in Moscow making France the site for the ITERreactor, European Union spokeswoman Antonia Mochan toldReuters. The ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor)project is backed by China, the EU,...

2005-06-28 15:40:04

By Guy Faulconbridge MOSCOW (Reuters) - Science's quest to find a cheap andinexhaustible way to meet global energy needs took a major stepforward on Tuesday when a 30-nation consortium chose France tohost the world's first nuclear fusion reactor. After months of wrangling, France defeated a bid from Japanand signed a deal to site the 10-billion-euro ($12.18-billion)experimental reactor in Cadarache, near Marseille. The project will seek to turn seawater into fuel bymimicking the way the...

2005-06-28 11:57:13

By Patricia Reaney LONDON (Reuters) - If scientists succeed in building anexperimental nuclear fusion reactor and making it work it couldsolve the world's energy problems for the next 1,000 years ormore, a leading scientist said on Tuesday. After months of wrangling, France defeated a bid from Japanand signed a deal to build the 10-billion-euro ($12 billion)experimental reactor at Cadarache in the south of the country. Ian Fells, of the Royal Academy of Engineering in Britainand an expert...

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2009-04-28 16:45:23

Igor Yevgenyevich Tamm born in Vladivostok, Russia on July 8, 1895 was a Soviet physicist and mathematician. He studied at the University of Edinburgh in 1913-1914. He then switched to Moscow State University where he graduated in 1918. He developed an approximation method for many-body physics, in 1945. He worked with Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov to create a tomohak system based on a toroidal magnetic thermonuclear reactor, in 1958. This led to the T-3 Soviet magnetic confinement...

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