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The Emergence Of Handwriting Didn't Bring An End To Prehistoric 'Bookkeeping'
2014-07-14 09:45:27

Gerard LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online It was previously believed that the use of clay tokens for trade records discontinued with the arrival of written bookkeeping. However, a new discovery of clay tokens dated after written records commenced, suggests the token system was still used thousands of years later. This discovery compares to today’s use of the pen and paper along with computer-based word processors. These tokens are believed to be a form of bookkeeping in...

2011-06-20 23:01:00

PLEASANTON, Calif., June 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- idOnDemand, the pioneer in smart identification, today announced it is extending its Token Trade-up Program to help companies affected by the latest breaches of RSA's SecurID® tokens with a free trade-up to a secure smart card based solution. SecurID® users can trade in their compromised tokens for free in exchange for an idOnDemand SmartID, providing organizations a no-risk opportunity to deploy a...

2010-07-01 12:10:00

50% Off Sale On All Items On Goozex.Com COLLEGE PARK, Md., July 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Goozex, Inc., the leader in online video game and movie trading, announced a new sweepstakes to win one new Xbox 360 Slim console. One lucky Goozex member will be playing on the latest Microsoft Xbox console that is Wi-Fi enabled, ready for Kinect motion game play, and has 250GB of storage. It is a prize worthy of any family living room. In addition to the prize, purchasing a Goozex gift card can save members...

2010-03-15 13:00:44

Given a choice between spending a token to get their absolute favorite food or spending it to have a choice from a buffet of options, capuchin monkeys will opt for variety. In fact, they'll even eat a less-preferred food from that buffet when the favorite food is on it. They choose variety for variety's sake. The choices made by these captive-bred monkeys in an Italian research facility seem to show some innate desire to seek variety, said Dan Ariely, the James B. Duke Professor of psychology...

2009-09-09 07:01:00

TEL-AVIV, Israel, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Come2Play http://www.come2play.com announced today the release of Come2Play Tokens, a virtual currency platform that shares revenue with publishers and game developers. Revenue is generated through the purchase of tokens integrated into every game on Come2Play's embeddable Multiplayer Gaming Network. In all of Come2Play's games, players challenge each other using virtual tokens. The winner of the game wins the total amount of challenged tokens. In...

2008-12-25 08:30:00

Scientists have discovered that orangutans can help each other get food by trading tokens, but only if the help is mutual.It seems orangutans can learn the value of tokens and trade them, helping each other win bananas, according to researchers from the University of St Andrews.This is the first documented evidence of "calculated reciprocity" in non-human primates. Gorillas and chimpanzees were much less willing to co-operate, researchers said.In particular, two orangutans - Bim and Dok - who...

2008-11-18 08:54:54

New, heavier public transit tokens are helping to reduce fraud, but are threatening to collapse the Toronto Transit Commission's counting office. The 22-year-old building where fares are separated and counted has required engineers to shore up the basement and enforce floors to deal with tons of additional weight triggered by the switch to the tokens two years ago, the Toronto Sun reported. As counterfeiters were having a field day with printing fake tickets and stamping out cheap aluminum...

2008-09-26 18:00:51

By Sam Wood THE lucky winners of The Journal's Tokens For Schools competition have been revealed. More than 50 schools in the region entered the competition, which was run in association with Barclays Bank. There was a top prize of pounds 2,500 for the schools which collected the most tokens in each category, to be spent how they wish. There was a second prize of pounds 1,500 and pounds 500 for third and fourth in each category. The competition was split into primary and first schools...

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