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2014-01-03 15:30:10

Expectant women with prenatally diagnosed fear of childbirth are at an increased risk of postpartum depression, according to a study of over 500,000 mothers in Finland. Women with a history of depression are at the highest risk of postpartum depression. The fact that fear of childbirth puts women without a history of depression at an approximately three times higher risk of postpartum depression is a new observation which may help health care professionals in recognizing postpartum...

2012-06-27 12:04:07

Women who have a fear of childbirth spend longer in labor than women who have no such fear, suggests new research published today (27 June) in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Between 5 and 20% of pregnant women have a fear of childbirth. Various factors have been associated with increased prevalence of fear of childbirth, including young maternal age, being a first-time mother, pre-existing psychological problems, lack of social support and a history of abuse...

2007-06-13 03:00:26

By Kashiwagi, Maki Sieber, Sandra; Rechsteiner, Chantal; Lauper, Urs; Et al Abstract Opiate addiction has been widely documented to have a negative impact on pregnancy course and outcome. The unfavorable psychosocial situation of addicted women predispose for poor processing of the physiological and psychological demands of pregnancy. Thus the aim of our study was to investigate the psychological mood state of opiate addicts during pregnancy and postpartum in comparison to healthy women. In...

2006-08-31 14:45:00

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A Caesarean delivery more than triples a woman's risk of dying in childbirth compared to a vaginal birth, according to a new study from France. The risk is still quite small, but many developed countries have seen a dramatic rise in the number of Caesareans performed each year as more women elect to avoid a vaginal delivery. Researchers, led by Catherine Deneux-Tharaux of the Maternite Hopital Tenon in Paris, looked at 65 maternal deaths recorded in the French National...

2006-06-07 12:42:43

By Amy Norton NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Pregnant women who receive counseling to ease their fear of giving birth may elect to have a cesarean section more often than other women, a Swedish study suggests. Whether that's a good or bad thing is an open question. Some experts believe C-sections, which result in longer recovery times and hospital stays, should be performed only when medically necessary. But if an elective C-section helps a particularly anxious woman have a more...

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