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2014-01-24 11:19:56

Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology identify links between the palatability of various tastes and circulation in different parts of the face. Tastes deemed 'pleasant' increase blood flow in the eyelid according to a recent study by Hideaki Kashima, Yuka Hamada and Naoyuki Hayashi from the Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Kyushu University and Tokyo Institute of Technology. The research identifies links between the subjective perception of palatability with circulatory...

2014-01-07 20:20:02

Source: Tokyo Institute of TechnologyFigure caption: (A) Schematic illustration of an SOI waveguide optical isolator based on MZI, (B) Process of direct bonding technique, (C) Microscope image of a fabricated optical isolator, (D) Measured fiber-to-fiber transmittance of the fabricated optical isolator as a function of the wavelength.Tokyo, Jan 8, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - As the recent demand for optical interconnections is increased, much attention has been paid to silicon photonics because...

Volcano Controversy Settled Using Chemistry ‘Trick’
2013-02-12 15:01:41

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Volcanic eruptions have been known to cause global cooling, although the extent of this cooling has been a topic of scientific controversy. Now a team of atmosphere chemists from the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the University of Copenhagen has devised a method for determining which historical cooling periods are the results of volcanic eruptions. When a large volcano erupts, it can propel gases high into the stratosphere where...

2011-08-03 05:40:00

Japanese researchers are developing a robot that can adapt its behavior to new situations and make educated guesses about new challenges. The researchers are working on a robot that operates based on an algorithm they have termed a self-organizing incremental neural network (SOINN). The Tokyo Institute of Technology's Osamu Hasegawa researchers found a way to program robots with pattern-based artificial intelligence that allows them to learn from experience. The team released a video of the...

2008-07-09 06:00:12

Plat'Home(TOKYO:6836)(ISIN:JP3833000007), Japan's Linux technology pioneer, today announced the general availability of its KANSHI BlockS(TM) Pro solution in the United States. A palm-sized "micro server" built for automatic network and server surveillance, it provides regular status reports and immediately alerts users of any network failures. While over half of the $7B IT operations management software market is spent on IT infrastructure monitoring and management, many solutions are...

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