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Lack Of Single Protein Results In Persistent Viral Infection
2012-06-13 21:16:44

Scientists from The Scripps Research Institute have shown a single protein can make the difference between an infection clearing out of the body or persisting for life.

2012-04-25 21:23:00

DNA from the heart's own cells plays a role in heart failure by mistakenly activating the body's immune system.

2012-03-14 20:48:18

In a healthy immune system, invading pathogens trigger a cascade of alerts and responses to fight off the infection.

2012-02-23 10:07:04

UC Davis scientists have uncovered a key suspect in the destructive inflammation that underlies heart disease and diabetes.

2011-12-13 14:47:07

Single-celled bacteria communicate with each other using coded messages to coordinate attacks on their targets.

2011-08-04 14:09:40

Until very recently, it was unclear why infection with malaria causes fever and, under severe circumstances, an infectious death.

2011-06-17 02:01:43

There are ten microbial cells for every one human cell in the body, and microbiology dogma holds that there is a tight barrier protecting the inside of the body from outside invaders, in this case bacteria.

2011-04-21 23:00:40

The human gut is filled with 100 trillion symbiotic bacteria—ten times more microbial cells than our own cells—representing close to one thousand different species.

2011-04-01 14:55:09

Researchers offer the first evidence that DNA damage can lead to the regulation of inflammatory responses, the body's reaction to injury.

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