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2012-02-20 20:29:49

The Tongue Drive System is getting less conspicuous and more capable. Tongue Drive is a wireless device that enables people with high-level spinal cord injuries to operate a computer and maneuver an electrically powered wheelchair simply by moving their tongues. The newest prototype of the system allows users to wear an inconspicuous dental retainer embedded with sensors to control the system. The sensors track the location of a tiny magnet attached to the tongues of users. In earlier...

2010-08-03 08:54:12

Could cost thousands of dollars in orthodontic repairs Mark this one down as a parental nightmare. First, your child gets her tongue pierced. Then, as if you needed something else, she starts "playing" with the tiny barbell-shaped stud, pushing it against her upper front teeth. And before you know it, she forces a gap between those teeth -- a fraction-of-an-inch gap that may cost thousands of dollars in orthodontic bills to straighten. How and why this happens has been documented in a case...

2009-07-09 09:48:00

ROANOKE, Va., July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Like clothing and hairstyles, oral piercings give teens and adults a way to express themselves. While trendy, this fashion statement poses a number of potential oral and overall health care risks. It's also important to note that oral piercings most commonly involve the tongue, and also the lips, cheeks, uvula or a combination of sites. Oral piercings have been implicated in a number of adverse oral and systemic conditions. (Photo:...

2008-09-25 15:00:55

By JUDY SIEGEL A 19-year-old combat soldier who died at Haifa's Rambam Medical Center on Monday as a result of complications of a tongue piercing he had done in July was a rare case, but oral piercings commonly cause infections, according to experts in the Israel Defense Forces and Tel Aviv University's School of Dental Medicine. The Jerusalem Post reported 10 days ago about an Israeli study of such complications published in the American Dental Journal that noted Israeli teenagers...

2008-06-26 03:02:36

By Karen Shideler, The Wichita Eagle, Kan. Jun. 26--Summer means swimming, which often means swimmer's ear, an outer ear infection. It happens when water gets trapped in the ear canal, breaking down the natural defenses against bacteria and fungi and giving them a chance to grow. You (or your child) might notice pain in one ear, itching or a feeling of fullness. You can ease the achiness with a dose of ibuprofen and a warm washcloth held against the ear. Mayo Clinic and Parenting...

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