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2010-10-06 10:10:00

Scientists discovered an average of three new biological species each week in the Greater Mekong region of Asia, including such unique life forms as a fish with vampire-like fangs and a 22-foot tall carnivorous plant, international conservation group WWF announced on Wednesday. According to WWF officials, a total of 145 new species were found in 2009 in the area near the Mekong River, which includes Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and China's Yunnan Province. Joining the fanged...

2009-05-21 12:45:00

A U.N. report said Thursday that a dam-building spree in China poses the greatest threat to the future of the already beleaguered Mekong, one of the world's major rivers and a key source of water for the region, The Associated Press reported. Eight dams are being constructed on the upper half of the Mekong as it passes through high gorges of Yunnan Province. The U.N. report said the newly completed Xiowan Dam is the world's tallest at 958 feet high and has a storage capacity equal to all the...

2008-10-03 09:00:17

Dire environmental pollution plagues Mekong Delta: seminar HANOI, Oct. 2 (Xinhua) -- Vietnam's Mekong Delta provinces are facing serious environmental degradation with more than 220,000 tons of industrial waste being dumped every year into the surroundings, The Youth reported on Thursday. The figure was announced at a recent seminar entitled " Protecting the Mekong Delta Environment amid Industrialization and Modernization", with participation of about 200 staff members working on this...

2008-06-18 09:00:00

Conservation International helps create Cambodia sanctuary The world's only known hairy-nosed otter in captivity, one of the rarest and little known of otter species, got a new home and a Buddhist blessing today. Dara, a frisky young male rescued when his mother was killed by a fisherman, was released into a large new enclosure built for him at Phnom Tamau Zoological Garden and Rescue Centre, located near Phnom Penh. The release was celebrated with a blessing by Buddhist monks, a Cambodian...

2008-04-03 14:18:55

Some species bounce back 20-fold due to better protection from huntersAccording to a report released today by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), several species of rare waterbirds from Cambodia's famed Tonle Sap region have staged remarkable comebacks, thanks to a project involving a single team of park rangers to provide 24-hour protection to breeding colonies. The project pioneered a novel approach: employing former hunters and egg collectors to protect and monitor the colonies,...

2005-06-15 15:05:00

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) -- Four endangered giant catfish were released Wednesday into the Mekong River after seven years of captivity in hopes of boosting the population of the species, which has fallen sharply in the last two decades. Calling the rare fish "an omen of luck and prosperity," their owner, Ing Vannath, said he wanted to repay that good fortune "by returning them to their natural habitat to allow them the chance to swim freely," according to a statement from the World Wildlife...

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