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Southern Blue Whiting
2007-06-24 19:45:27

The Southern Blue Whiting, Micromesistius australis, is a cod of the genus Micromesistius, found in the southern oceans where the temperature is between 37.4° and 44.6°F and (3° and 7°C), at depths of between 164.04 and 2952.76 ft (50 and 900 m). Its length is between 11.81 and 35.43 in (30 and 90 cm), and it has a maximum weight of 1.87 lb (850 g). The Southern Blue Whiting is...

Rosenblattia robusta
2007-06-24 17:34:33

Rosenblattia robusta is a species of deepwater cardinalfish, the only member of the genus Rosenblattia, found circumglobally in southern temperate waters. Its length is between 1.97 and 4.72 in (5 and 12 cm). Rosenblattia robusta is deep bodied with a humped back above the pectoral fin area, and a single keel on each side of the caudal peduncle. Adults are a uniform golden brown with a...

Bulls-eye cardinalfish
2007-05-21 08:08:54

The Bulls-eye or Deepsea cardinalfish, Epigonus telescopus, is a deepwater cardinalfish of the family Epigonidae. It can be found in most temperate oceans worldwide, at depths of between (75 and 1200 m). Its length is between (30 and 75 cm). The Bulls-eye is a fairly elongated deepwater species having a blunt snout, long caudal peduncle, two rounded dorsal fins the second of which is...

Roughskin dogfish
2007-04-19 04:52:09

The Roughskin dogfish, Centroscymnus owstoni, is a sleeper shark of the family Dalatiidae, found circumglobally on continental shelves in tropical, subtropical and temperate seas, at depths of between 328.08 and 4921.26 ft (100 and 1,500 m). It reaches a length of 3.94 ft (120 cm). The Roughskin dogfish has two dorsal fins of approximately equal size and shape with a small spine in front of...

Triplewart seadevil
2007-03-19 14:41:22

The Triplewart seadevil, Cryptopsaras couesii, is a seadevil of the family Ceratiidae, found in all oceans, from the surface to 1.24 mi (2,000 m). Its length is approximately 11.81 in (30 cm). The Triplewart seadevil is one of the most abundant of the deepwater anglerfish. These fish have round flabby bodies with a soft fibrous skeleton and a scaleless prickly skin. Like most other deepwater...

Southern driftfish
2007-03-16 22:42:57

The Southern driftfish or ragfish, Icichthys australis, is a medusafish of the genus Icichthys found circumpolar in all southern oceans between latitudes 50° S and 60° S, from the surface down to 1.24 mi (2,000 m). Its length is from 13.78 to 31.50 in (35 to 80 cm). The southern driftfish is similar to the rudderfish, and has soft easily-damaged fins, large eyes, and a small flexible...

2007-03-16 20:33:08

The Rudderfish, Centrolophus niger, is a medusafish, the only member of the genus Centrolophus found in all tropical and temperate oceans of the world, at depths of from 164.04 to 3280.84 ft (50 to 1,000 m). Its length is from 23.62 to 59.06 in (60 to 150 cm). The rudderfish is a moderately elongated blunt-headed fish with long low dorsal and anal fins and small pectoral and pelvic fins. The...

Slender snipefish
2007-03-16 20:29:19

The Slender snipefish or snipefish, Macroramphosus gracilis, is a snipefish of the genus Macroramphosus, found worldwide at depths to 1148.29 ft (350 m). Its length is up to 5.91 in (15 cm). The slender snipefish is a moderately elongated species with a tubular snout equal to about a fifth of the total body length. On the centrally placed first dorsal fin the second spine is thick and...

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