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2013-04-23 12:56:29

Neurosurgeons from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Medical Center recount their experiences in treating patients with head and spine injuries during the epic April 2011 tornado disaster. The authors focus on injuries sustained on April 27th of that year. Details on these cases and a discussion on the necessity of disaster preparedness are found in "Neurosurgical injuries resulting from the 2011 tornadoes in Alabama: the experience at the University of Alabama at Birmingham...

Optimism In The Face Of Disaster
2013-03-03 06:20:12

Alan McStravick for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online In recent years, we have seen a severe uptick in the frequency and strength of tornadoes that strike from the south through the Midwest of the United States. In April of 2011, a month that regularly records an average of 161 tornadoes, a record 758 tornadoes were documented. A new study out of the University of Iowa wanted to explore how residents, caught in the direct path of a previous tornado, viewed their chances of possible...

Aqua Satellite Captures Views Of Maryland's Severe Weather Outbreak
2012-06-08 09:21:25

[ Watch the Video ] On Friday, June 1, 2012 severe weather generated 9 weak tornadoes across Maryland, according to the National Weather Service. As the system that generated them approached, NASA's Aqua satellite gathered information about power behind it. NASA also created an animation of the severe weather as it was seen from NOAA's GOES-13 satellite. The Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument that flies aboard NASA's Aqua satellite provided both a visible and an infrared...

2012-05-23 23:02:52

Harrison family emerged unscathed from their tornado safe room following a devastating EF-4 tornado that killed hundreds last April in Athens, AL. Tallahassee, FL (PRWEB) May 22, 2012 Today, the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes(FLASH®) launched the latest in its successful educational Tale of Two Homes video series: A Tale of Two Homes — Tornado. The video tells the remarkable story of the Harrison family of Athens, AL, who survived an EF-4 tornado that completely destroyed their...

Big Story Weather Header
2012-05-21 03:00:28

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from May 18-20, 2012: The tropics became active over the weekend as our first tropical storm of the season formed off the Carolina coast and spent the weekend drifting southward. Indications are that it´s now moving slowly eastward and should then start turning away from land. Friday brought one tornado to the Wyoming region with the majority of our hail reports also coming from the Dakota´s and Minnesota with isolated...

Big Story Weather Header
2012-05-11 03:00:33

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from May 10, 2012: Southern Texas was the area of concern yesterday as tornadoes set up along the frontal boundary. Over a dozen tornadoes were reported from just south of Houston down to around the US and Mexico border in the southeastern portion of Texas. Along with the tornadoes came large hail, which was also reported in this region with isolated reports of hail the size of golf balls.  A large area of estimated winds in...

Big Story Weather Header
2012-04-23 03:24:18

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from March 22, 2012: Three tornadoes where confirmed along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The first tornado was rated as an EF-0 by the National Weather Service with winds near 70mph. This storm did cause structural damage and tree damage around the Long Beach, MS area. The second storm was rated an EF-1 and occurred just north of Gulfport, MS with winds near 90mph. This storm also caused a mobile home to be thrown over and many trees to...

April 13-15 2012: Major Severe Weather Outbreak Strikes The US Plains
2012-04-16 04:05:55

RedOrbit.com Meteorologist Joshua Kelly This major outbreak started on Friday afternoon in the southern plains from Texas and mostly Oklahoma. Reports on this day included tornadoes and large hail throughout the region. One of the bigger tornadoes of the day struck in and near Norman, Oklahoma.  There was also a tornado reported in California on this day near the city of Yuba City. The National Weather Service reports that there was very large hail near the size of 3 inches...

Could Tornado Alley Be Extended?
2012-04-13 04:21:01

A research firm is looking to broaden the borders of a strip of the Midwest known as Tornado Alley. Tornado Alley has traditionally included the Plains states from the Dakotas to Texas. CoreLogic, a Californian risk and management company has studied weather data from across the country and is now suggesting this region should be stretched as far east as western Ohio, as well as covering a majority of the deep south. According to a report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric...

GOES Satellite Tracks Tornadic Texas Trouble
2012-04-06 03:15:53

[ Watch the Video ] A powerful weather system moved through eastern Texas and dropped at least 15 tornadoes in the Dallas suburbs. NASA created an animation of data from NOAA's GOES-13 satellite that shows the frontal system moving through the region yesterday. NOAA's Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite, GOES-13, captures visible and infrared images of weather over the eastern U.S. every 15 minutes, and captured the movement of the weather system that generated the Texas...

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Weather Report For July 27-29, 2012
2012-07-30 11:15:32

Three big weather events from this past weekend included the heat wave and also the severe weather that struck. First, the heat that is being, and has been, felt in the Southern Plains is on the average of 10-15 degrees above the average for many places, along with that is the Heat Index values that have been surpassing the 100-110 range. The second big impact of the weekend was the severe weather that went through PA/NY/NJ where there were confirmed tornadoes and the damage has put...

Weather Summary from July 8
2012-07-09 08:00:41

The cold front that moved through the Northeast on Saturday providing much needed relief from the heat has stalled across the Southern Mid-Atlantic. This has created a boundary that triggered widespread showers and storms from the Virginia and Delaware coastline all the way back to Missouri. Some of the embedded storms did manage to reach severe limits, with the main risk being damaging winds. A little over 100 damaging wind reports were documented by the SPC. Unfortunately, the rain was...

Storm Damage In Northeast South Dakota
2012-06-18 19:17:29

On June 17, 2012 a line of strong storms began to develop around 5pm CDT. These storms started forming multiple funnel clouds with one confirmed tornado that hit near a small town called PeeverSD. The size of the tornado has not been confirmed yet. There is one report of damage of a pickup truck and trailer thrown into the ditch off the I-29 interstate. Also multiple houses have loss portions of their walls and roofs in this area. Further to the Southeast, in Big Stone City SD, there was...

Weather Reference Library
2012-07-10 16:50:37

June 7, 2012: Perth Australia was hit by a tornado. Tornadoes occur anywhere in the world when the conditions are right and this is a great example of hitting in a unique location. When we think of tornadoes Australia is not the first place that comes to most of our minds. However, it is not uncommon for tornadoes to hit in Australia, they just don’t hit as often as in the United States. The tornado hit a suburb of Perth in the late afternoon hours. The tornado made its way inland...

Tornado Hits Town Northeast Of Tokyo Japan May 5, 2012
2012-05-10 08:24:20

Typically when you think of tornadoes you think of the Plains of the United States. Japan does get tornadoes but most are associated with Tropical Activity. On May 5th 2012, the storm which produced this tornado was not associated with a Typhoon. It was more of a super-cell type thunderstorm. Videos and images available shown the tornado had a wide base. The damage left behind indicates that it could have been a strong storm approaching the middle of the Enhanced Fujita Scale. The storm...

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