Latest Torture Stories

2008-12-19 13:23:02

Scientists said on Friday they had replicated the notorious Stanley Milgram experiment from the 60’s in which people obediently delivered painful shocks to others if encouraged to do so by authority figures.

2008-11-03 15:00:12

British actor Richard Armitage said a scene in which his "Spooks" character endures waterboarding was as difficult to shoot as it is disturbing to watch. The episode of the BBC's long-running spy series, featuring the controversial interrogation technique, is slated to air Monday night.

2008-08-06 15:00:27

A Utah salesman vows to continue pursuing a lawsuit alleging his former employer "waterboarded" during a company training session.

2008-07-28 12:00:49

Xinhua world news summary at 0800 GMT, July 25 WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Justice Department has allowed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to torture jailed terror suspects, according to the three torture memos made public Thursday.

2008-07-24 21:00:27

By MICHAEL GRAHAM During my days as a stand-up comic, I faced some pretty tough crowds. In Nashville, I was escorted off stage by security to keep a bachelor party from beating me to a pulp.

2008-07-17 18:00:11

Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft told a congressional committee Thursday that he does not believe waterboarding is torture. Ashcroft testified before the House Judiciary Committee, CNN reported.

2008-07-12 18:00:18

WASHINGTON _ Ken Robinson, a former Army Special Forces intelligence officer turned Hollywood producer, was working on a short-lived Pentagon drama for CBS aptly titled "E-Ring" when two of the show's writers stopped by his office to discuss the details of torture and other harsh interrogation methods.

2008-07-12 09:00:32

By Aamer Madhani, Chicago Tribune Jul.

2008-07-01 06:00:02

By Carol Rosenberg, The Miami Herald Jul. 1--The Pentagon filed death-penalty charges against a Saudi man at Guantanamo on Monday, alleging he engineered the October 2000 suicide bombing of the USS Cole off Aden, Yemen. Seventeen U.S.

2008-06-30 21:00:02

The U.S. government says it has officially charged a man from Saudi Arabia in the attack on the Navy destroyer USS Cole about eight years ago. Seventeen sailors were killed and 47 others wounded when the ship was bombed in Yemen. The vessel was seriously damaged, as well.

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