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2010-08-26 16:43:30

University of Illinois researchers recently discovered that feeding co-products and cornstalk residue in the winter can save cow-calf producers up to $1 per day per cow as compared to feeding hay. Feed costs continue to be the number one detriment to profitability in cow-calf operations. With feed comprising 60 percent of a producer's costs, any measures producers take to minimize expenses can make the difference between profit or no profit at the end of the year. "Most feed costs occur in...

2008-09-25 15:00:39

By WICKHAM, Ian IT'S all about the price of feed. Historically, dairy farmers have always faced a conundrum -- especially in New Zealand. That challenge is: "With a given amount of feed available on my farm, how do I prioritise which class of my animals to feed it to?" In the past when dairy farms were 'self-contained' (how long since you have heard that expression?), it was easy. The milking herd got all the best stuff and the replacements got the back paddock, the steep gully and...

2008-06-27 21:02:21

By Chris Kick With June being dairy month, I decided to write a column discussing the changes and advances we have seen during the last 60 years. Fifty plus of these years I have been involved with the industry as a dairy farm employee, college student, extension and research and dairy producer. So one of my reasons for writing this column is the attack being made over the adoption of technology in all agriculture and the controversy over the labeling of milk. As most everyone is aware,...

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