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2010-05-06 12:25:00

On Thursday, Nintendo posted a decline in full year net profit and forecast a continued slump next year as sales of its Wii console have slumped. The maker of the world's most popular console saw net profit fall 18 percent in the year to March as it cut prices of the Wii in response to competition from Sony and Microsoft in the multi-billion dollar industry. Nintendo cut the Wii's price by a fifth last September, which was the first move like this since the console was launched in 2006....

2010-05-04 14:25:00

Nintendo Co. is attempting to expand U.S. sales of its popular Wii console by packaging an extra game and its MotionPlus accessory, which makes its motion-sensing controller more precise, as a new bundle. The bundle will sell for $200, which is no different than what the current Wii already costs.  Nintendo said it would add "Wii Sports Resort" and the MotionPlus to the bundle.  Nintendo also announced on Monday that it will offer a black cased version of the system as an...

2010-04-22 08:05:00

A new study has found that people who play computer games to train their brains are not getting any smarter.  The six-week study consisted of participants from viewers of the BBC's science show "Bang Goes the Theory." Over 8,600 people between the ages 18 to 60 were asked to play online brain games designed by researchers to improve their memory, reasoning and other skills for a minimum of 10 minutes a day, three times a week. This group was compared to another group of over 2,700...

2010-04-07 12:45:00

Nintendo said Wednesday that it plans to jointly develop a Wii game with Google in which players compete to generate the most search engine results. A Nintendo spokesman told PC World that the company plans to release "Ando Kensaku" on April 29 as the first joint project between the two companies. The game will ship with over a dozen variant modes and supports. The spokesman said that in one version of the game, players compete by correctly predicting the most popular web search terms, and...

2010-01-29 05:40:00

Nintendo announced Thursday that it will cut the price of its Wii game console to help revitalize sales after the year-end shopping season. Nintendo has been trying to fight off competitors Sony and Microsoft after a decline in sales of the Wii due to a lack of new games. The company said that Wii sales got a boost over the crucial year-end holiday season from the launch of "Super Mario Bros" and "Wii Sports Resort." "These strong software titles, coupled with the price reduction on Wii...

2010-01-15 15:30:00

After a 2009 dominated by lower year-over-year monthly sales figures, the video game industry turned things around in a huge way just in time for the holidays, recording its best month ever, reported analyst firm NPD Group on Thursday. According to NPD, the industry turned in U.S. sales of $5.53 billion in December, up 4 percent from $5.32 billion a year earlier. While it could not have been any more of a relief to the companies in the video games business that they had finally turned in a...

2010-01-01 07:15:00

SOUTHAMPTON, England, Jan. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Gamers who want to get fit but found Wii Fit lacking in enjoyment or exertion can take advantage of this offer to experience exergaming with Gamercize. Trading in your Wii Fit discs will entitle you to a mail-in rebate worth up to $150/70GBP. To help with New Year Resolutions to lose weight and improve fitness, Gamercize is also offering a full 3 month virtual gym membership of their GZ Personal Trainer programme free. Patented Gamercize...

2009-12-23 16:36:39

But there is no scientific proof that brain training improves overall mental fitness Many brain training products claim to be able to keep us mentally fit. Some products even claim that brain training can prevent dementia in old age. But there is no scientific proof that games or other brain exercises can have this effect. That is what the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) pointed out in information published on informedhealthonline.org today. Brain training...

2009-11-10 07:04:00

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Council on Exercise (ACE), America's leading authority on fitness and one of the largest fitness certification, education and training organizations in the world, today released key findings from two separate studies conducted with University of Wisconsin La Crosse Exercise and Health Program. The studies examine the fitness benefits of Nintendo's Wii Fit and the PC-based fitness system geared toward older adults, Dancetown. After analyzing...

2009-09-07 16:55:42

Officials at the University of Houston said they have found an effective strategy for drawing students to fitness classes -- using the Nintendo Wii. Charles Layne, chairman of health and human performance at the school, said students taking the Wii-based fitness course can earn an hour of credit, the same given to students who take weight lifting or sports classes, for playing physically active games such as Wii Fit, the Houston Chronicle reported Monday. Layne said the Wii class stemmed from...

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Nintendo Wii
2013-08-10 09:19:39

The Wii is a video game console developed by Nintendo and released on November 19, 2006. It is the successor to Nintendo’s Game Cube and the early models of the Wii are compatible with all games and most accessories of the Game Cube. Nintendo first announced the system in 2004, unveiled it in 2005 and demonstrated a prototype in September 2005 at the Tokyo Game Show. By December 8, 2006, the Wii was available in key markets. In 2011, Nintendo released a new model, the “Wii Family...

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