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2008-01-24 09:55:00

Canadian students have given each other a Wii workout. This is to see if the top-selling videogame console can get couch potatoes to work up a sweat. According to Reuters, twenty-eight students at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, put the Nintendo Co console up against more traditional forms of exercise to see if playing games could actually be considered a workout. "I was playing Wii boxing with a friend and noticed how exerting it was,"  Justin White, a fourth-year...

2008-01-10 10:15:00

Many new gadgets will now be following the success of Nintendo Corp.'s Wii game system which allows the player to wave around a wireless motion-detecting controller, by adopting some of its features. The new devices are going a step further however. Soon, you may be able to control computers, TV sets, and even cell phones with hand movements alone. At the International Consumer Electronics Show this week, 3DV Systems demonstrated how users stand in front of a large screen and controlled a...

2006-11-29 17:30:00

I'm not so good with buttons, especially those that control video games. When I play, it's a full-body experience with a lot of arm movement as I try to move my little guy on the screen. The physical activity does nothing to influence the game, but it's good exercise and provides plenty of amusement to my brothers, significant others and anyone else watching. Now, though, there's Nintendo Co.'s Wii console with its motion-sensitive controller: Finally, the arm-flailings of novice gamers...

2006-03-24 17:55:00

SAN JOSE, California -- Video game players are tiring of sequels and the industry needs to move to new games to broaden the market, Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s President Satoru Iwata said on Thursday. He pointed to Nintendo's upcoming Revolution console, which he said could open doors for cash-strapped development teams that may have the next "Tetris," the iconic puzzle game that came out of Russia in the mid-1980s and remains wildly popular today. "We would like to create a circumstance where they...

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Nintendo Wii
2013-08-10 09:19:39

The Wii is a video game console developed by Nintendo and released on November 19, 2006. It is the successor to Nintendo’s Game Cube and the early models of the Wii are compatible with all games and most accessories of the Game Cube. Nintendo first announced the system in 2004, unveiled it in 2005 and demonstrated a prototype in September 2005 at the Tokyo Game Show. By December 8, 2006, the Wii was available in key markets. In 2011, Nintendo released a new model, the “Wii Family...

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