Latest Toxicant Stories

2007-03-14 09:00:41

By Humphreys, William F; Hose, Grant C People are increasingly reliant on aquifers for water but the nature, extent and distribution of hyporheic and groundwater ecosystems is widely overlooked (Boulton 2001; Humphreys 2006). Aquifers contain a significant component of total biodiversity (Gibert et al 1994; Marmonier et al. 1994; Rouch and Danielopol 1997; Culver and Sket 1999; Danielopol et al. 2002) and play an important role in maintaining water quality (Danielopol et al. 2003). However,...

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  • A 'bachelor seal'; a young male seal which is prevented from mating by its herd's older males (mated bulls defending their territory).
This comes from the Russian word for 'bachelors.'